there was one more sneak peek picture posted. 12 megapixels of tiny ham.

line up for smooches

*yes! thank you jamie for the reminder: this was NOT a planned picture at all. none of just-judah were, but man that kid just magnetizes the camera. we were trying to get layla ready to take a picture WITH judah here, and he was being captain pouty lips because he didn't want to hold her. it was much less dramatic of a pout when he naturally delivered it, but brenna loved it so much that we started asking him to do it again and this is what mr. subtlety came up with. blue steel.

he's been honing this look for almost 2 years now.


  1. Oh, those are for sure some super kissable lips!!

  2. I saw on FB where this wasn't even staged. All his idea. So cute!

  3. How cute is that!

  4. Love the hat! And, recognize the shirt!!!!