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changed the blog layout and color scheme today. i like it. feels like a bit of electronic spring cleaning. i am still tinkering with making it all less cluttered and more streamlined, but it already feels lighter to me.

i totally dominated some HTML code stuff through nothing but sheer luck, but have decided instead to take it as a sign that i am a gifted computer programmer. i will be dodging bullets and bursting through the binary makeup of evil agents in no time. (i think that's my second matrix reference this week. no more for at least a month. "no way. no way.")

and you know i have to do it: tonight at the stroke of midnight (mountain time, i think, since that's where melly is based) your handy dandy 20% coupon at crochet melly expires. i panicked that i would never again find prices this great and bought about 6 hats yesterday for my kids' futureheads, thereby spending the recent etsy income i have earned before i have even fulfilled the orders. dangerous game, that one.

raise your hand if you are tired of hearing me talk about crocheted hat coupons.

photo credit: judah dukes

sweet judah gave me the booty-flu that his kept him out of school all week (the week BEFORE spring break...so not helpful since that means 2 weeks in a row having to juggle kids and childcare so we can work) so i am going to find a happy place and meditate on the delicate balance that is the human GI tract. and promise myself to never ever take it for granted again.

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  1. Thanks for the 20% off coupon... I have scored 2 hats for any future girls I may have... sick I know.... if I don't have any then they will be the BEST presents ever!