snarfing up some beauty

still down for the count. every morning begins with a systematic flushing of about 2 kilos of monstergoo from every crevice in my head. i am the most annoying person do be around because i can't go 30 seconds with a sniffle, snort, blow, throat-clear, cough or hack. why do all the trees have to get frisky at the same time and rain down their amorous leftovers on us?

as an added bonus today right after i get home from work, we are walking back out the door to do layla's next round of pictures. don't get me wrong the finished products from brenna are ALWAYS worth it; but coordinating outfits, wrangling babies, fighting the elements AND attempting to look halfway decent myself is a task even when i have full health points.

but gird up my loins, i shall. this is still the best life i could have never imagined. full of grace and beauty and hilarity. so a dash of snot and stress thrown into is NOT going to rob me of today.

i have ann voskamp's one thousand gifts (i know, i know, EVERYONE is this book...but, for a reason!) to thank for helping me to see past and beyond the less than perfect recently. to find jesus in the ugly or uncomfortable. my husband bought it for me because, you guys, he just gets me so well.

the tagline for the book is "dare to live fully right where you are." thanks ann, i think i will. even if you are an artsy-talking mennonite who is about 80 times smarter than i'll ever be. i think you are challenging me and my relationship with jesus in big ol' ways. ways that aren't fun or easy for me, but that look a lot like the ways christ challenged people in the bible: through [figurative] booty kicking, wacky-talk, shocking love and always pointing back to the Father.

upward and inward, friends.


  1. I bought it & started reading(1000 Gifts, that is), but left of for a while. I need to open it back up. :) Thanks for the reminder.

  2. totally dig the new BIG pictures.

  3. I placed my crochetmelly order!! Thanks for promoting her work :-)