4 months

i have seen lots of other kiddie blogs do the monthly bday recaps, but i resisted because i didn't want to copy. hahaha, clearly i have lost any sense of shame in the blatant ripoff department of late, so i am jumping on this trend now. i LOVE reading how far the babies of friends (real or bloggy-imagined) have come in a month. i just eat up the little bullet points and stats. so i may be late to the party, but i'm drinking for two!

i am going to go back and do her months 1-3 and postdate them (after a little time on the front page for remembrance's sake) here on the blog so that she'll have full coverage. judah's out of luck in this tradtion, but it's cool because A: he's a boy and won't ever care about that stuff, and B: his baby calendar was meticulously kept by me. down to recording the day he went up a size in diapers and his first blue poop.

so here on layla's exact 4 month birthday, is her first monthly blog update.

layla boo, your personality is really coming alive this month. it seems like you are finally waking from your womb-coma. you are just the sweetest-natured little thing i could have never deserved. you sleep, eat, play and cuddle like a champ. seriously, there are no words for how easy you have been for us this past month as you have cemented your baby-wise schedule into a well-oiled machine. here are some specific things you've been doing these past 28 days (feb's a wee little guy of a month, babygirl, but i'll teach you that later).

-unofficial at-home stats (4 month appt. isnt until 4/4 so it will be almost a 5-month one): 26.5 inches long (95%), 14.5 lbs (75%), and 16 inches for your head (50%).

-your hair is growing slowly and straight UP. the little sprout at the top rear of your head is twice as long as the rest of the fuzz and there is one singular hair that is about 4 inches long. its like youre trying to cultivate that high ponytail like mommy. it's even funnier because the most new growth is happening in the mohawk zone. maybe i'll find a pic of this phenomenon later

-even though it says 4 months minimum, we put you in the baby office/jumper right at 3 months because you're so strong and love standing up. when your brother first started in it we had to put two 5-lb weights on top to help weigh him down. even then, he had to have our wedding album in its box under his feet to reach it. we did NOT have to do either of these things for you. you are already on the second notch up even, and your feet are flat on the ground at that height too.

-we don't plan on starting you on solids just yet. you are doing GREAT with breastfeeding so we're gonna keep on as long as we can on JUST milk. we even have over 200 ounces of frozen milk stored up. thats 3 times as much as we ever had with your brother! we are much more laid back though and if you and i get off on our eating/pumping schedules we are not freaking out about giving you a bottle of formula. i'd say you still get breast milk 95% of the time.

that's convenient.

-you, like judah, are very serious and spongy when a lot is going on, and you just want to soak up a new environment and aren't very smiley in public. but boy do you crack up and smile when it's just us at home. things that crack you up and fascinate you: daddy burping, mommy saying happy birthday in a funny voice, beatboxing, and anything judah does ever.

-you love to talk. "haaaa" "ooo eee" are your favorite topics of conversation. your little voice is beyond sweet and we swoon every time we hear a peep of it. i heard you chaaaaaaatting it up one day during your nap and tried to stealth sneak into your room and get some footage.

-since you moved into your room this month you have done GREAT. considering you had slept in the inclined bassinet your first 3 months, you took to the crib great, and your swaddler holds you tighter now that you lie flat on it.

first time ever in her crib

-you have never loved tummy time, but mommy tried to make you do at least a little every day. well, last monday you rolled over off your tummy and onto your back for the first time ever. now i can't make you stay on your tummy at all!

-and then 2 days later you surprised the junk out of me by going from your back to your tummy. this is a lot harder of a milestone, and the fact that you did it like it was nothing amazed me. i even find you several feet from your starting point on the floor sometimes when you put a few roll-overs together in the right order. i can't believe the newborn days of leave them wherever you want because they can't roll of and get hurt are already over.

note: i put you down on your tummy reading that book. you decided that the cars DVD was more fun so i guess you just rolled right over to it because this is where i found you.

- you poop once a week. seriously. you aren't constipated and it's not a problem. you're just that amazing. my guess is that you use all of the liquid that goes in to make yourself bigger and bigger and the only thing leftover after is gas. lots and lots of stinky gas. hilarious.

tooting? probably

-i think you may offcially be a paci kid. judah hated his by 6 weeks and we thought you were going to be the same, but now you seem to really like the old school type ones. we refuse to let you become an addict though so when it falls out when you're trying to fall into deep sleep we only go put it back in ONCE and then you're on your own. usually you don't even need that though. a dream, i tell ya. any other time when you're not swaddled, your fingers are suitable replacements. it always looks like youre whistling for your dog.

-you've discovered your hands and the fact that you actually control them. judah did this earlier than you, but aren't boys supposed to be better with their hands than us? (at least that's what we tell them when the toilet's clogged or we need a massage). i discovered this because the little birdie pull toy on your carseat is a favorite of judah's. he loves tugging it and tweeting at it. well i heard it a week or two ago and said, "you got the birdie, judah?" when he didnt respond, i looked back and saw him asleep. it was you grabbing it! since then you have been a grabbing maniac: your feet, toys, daddy's nose, mommy's off-duty boob.

-i think we can officially fill our your driver's license with this little piece of info: eye color-BLUE! they are crazy gorgeous and sort of remind me of someone else's who may have had something to do with yours.

and one more parting, if blurry, shot of your hilarious little personality in your new monkey pj's that we don't think we're going to ever take off of you.

this post just about killed me, sweetheart. too many pictures to match up with paragraphs. next time we may just stick to one picture and more facts. just in case you're ever wondering why this one was so action packed and all others aren't...

we love you, our little 4 month old!!!

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  1. My favorite has to be her goblin language of grunts and growls that she displays in the video.