one week warning blast

this is for your benefit. i do NOT get anything as a reward for reminding you to GET YOUR HATS from crochetmelly. the 20% off coupon (PUTAPUREDUKES) is good for just one more week. we got another package (our third...) from her today and i am flipping! so in love!

you guys, i am telling you: the price, quality, selection and speed of these you will not find anywhere else. and that's BEFORE the 20% off. if i didn't have kids i would be buying them for my future ones. i may or may not already be buying some for future ones. ahem. maybe.

layla in the button beanie with new butterfly accent and judah in a newsboy cap

her outfit doesn't come close to matching but i HAD to get the hat on her and take some pics to show yall

twins. and butterfly close up.

newsboy close up

"why would anyone pass up this deal?!?! these hats are the dizzly!"



  1. already ordered one (with the 3 flowers... such an amazing deal!) for my little nugget, now waiting to find out the gender of nugget 2 to order a coordinating one for nugget X 2 photos next fall!

  2. oh my gosh, greer! i dont think i knew about nug 2.0. congrats!!! i cannot get enought of the matching sibhats. get it girl!

  3. Love these - your wombfruits are so adorable! Also, love the shirt - awesomesauce.

  4. Cutest hats, but cuter kids. That boys blonde hair just kills me, it's so cute!