new stuff in da house

a few little new additions to our home (aka the only way i could jam all these random pics into one post).

while at ikea, i got judah a cooking set. he LOVES sitting on the counter while we cook and trying to help. so now he is well-equipped (with a few tools that we don't even have in our kitchen).

he's a natural. i feel like i am watching food network and he's telling me how to sautee something.

look at that technique!

my awesome cousin got judah this vacuum for christmas. he has always loved playing with ours and he loved his new kid-sized one. but lately he is straight OBSESSED with it since he discovered tandem vacuuming with daddy. its flipping adorable. and my floors have never been cleaner

this ikea frame will be painted and house an embroidery piece i am doing for layla.

so i took this pic right before i opened the frame to remove the inside parts to spray paint it purple. the first thing i did was break the glass. AWESOME! then i painted it and left it out in the rain. double great! but the paint was already dry and it's plastic so i thought, no big deal. then i put it in her room and immediately hated the color because it was too dark against the gray walls. call me charlie because i am #winning. i'll try again when the room is more finished.

putting things on heads has never been so entertaining in our house. judah thinks placing random things on people's noggins is hilarious. i actually concur.

"i'm in a glass case of emotion!"

this will be even funnier when the bowl is actually full of something. here's hoping it's room temperature spaghetti for maximum photo op and minimum pain

i made this little kimono top for sweet baby lilly who is having heart surgery this month and will need front-opening shirts for her recovery. you can make one too! go here

this little bee rattling duplo block isn't really new to our house, but it's new to layla, who loves these blocks and will reach for them so she can grab and suck on them like a giant prosthetic nipple. go jackets!

we came around the corner to this sight the other day. this ladder is now newly back outside the house where it belongs

not quite up to OSHA standards. yikes

a new smock from ikea! so painting doesnt have = nakie anymore.

then a nice paintbrush full of "BUUUE" goes right in his mouth so i had to take the brush away ans explain to him about eating probably-toxic chuck e. cheese brand paint.

tortured artist

home made changing table cover!

OBsessed with these fabrics. michael miller butterfly in maize and anna maria horner little folks flannel

seriously one of the easiest sewing projects EVER! a great one to try if you're just starting out. took about 20 minutes. use this tutorial.

this new hat for layla's next round of photos!!! swoon. if you like it-- be excited because the etsy shop i got this from has a special treat for us next week!

and finally, i got a new phone. the iphone 4. let me explain real quick because if i saw that written on a blog i would judge that they were richie-riches or being bad stewards.

i wanted to start trying to have a baby in july 2008. jesse was on the fence. i told him he could get the then-completely-new iphone that he had been lusting after if we could pull the goalie and start trying. he agreed. thus judah came to be. such a beautiful story.

well, for that inital $300 (cringe) investment we got the 1st generation ihpone. when the much faster 3GS phone came out the next year, we sold the old one on ebay for $700. no joke. because we are with AT&T and get the super discounted price we were able to make crazy profit by selling to people who are in other networks and just REALLY want the phone. so we made back the money we spent to begin with and $400 extra which also covers the cost of the data plan for a few years.

well in october i decided that i too wanted a smartphone finally and got a refurbished 3GS for $99. i was due for another upgrade (somehow) last week so i decided to get the iphone 4 and sell my 3GS. once again it worked. i brought home a brand new and nicer phone and more than made back all the money that i paid for my first one. so there's that story.

is it being a perfect steward to have these mac daddy phones? geez, i am not sure. but we are never frivolous with what we have been given and always try to milk every cent of value and return out of the objects we chose to invest in. so all that was to say, the iphone 4 has something called face time chat. this is essentially a camera that is on the same side as the display screen. this can be used in a cool way for face to face video chat from your phone...

...or for just videos of yourself which enables you to tell yourself how much you love you face-to-face. for perspective, judah could see himself on screen here, but i couldn't. i could only see the real thing. he was getting a kick out of watching himself live and seeing his mouth move. i think that's why he laspes into speaking some orc-dialect halfway through.


  1. You are so funny! I totally need to get that cooking set and vacuum for my little guy! Love the top and changing table pad cover!

  2. did you know they make kid vacuums that actually work?? http://www.toysrus.com/product/index.jsp?productId=3142104

  3. will you please write a book? I just love reading what you write THAT much. thanks. Oh, and Judah's cheeks and lips...HOW do you not eat them up all day long?!?!

  4. when do I get face to face time on video with you? Love the pictures!

  5. Glad Judah likes the vacuum!

  6. Hey Keight,

    I just wanted to let you know that you inspired me to make a kimono for Lilly :) Thanks for passing on the opportunity to help! I love reading your blog, keeps me (somewhat) up to date on what the Dukes are up to. I wanted to post a picture of the kimono I just finished, but I'm not sure how to do that here...so I'll post it on facebook in case you want to see :)

    Much love, Jessica (Dean)

  7. Catching up on all your posts today! Love this one, and so action packed I can't remember everything I wanted to tell/ask you. ;-) I have been looking at that frame from Ikea forever now. I wanted to put it in Ainsley's room but wasn't sure how well it would take to being painted. Did you just spray paint it? I want to put fabric in it that coordinates with Ainsley's room, and since I have very little fashion sense when it comes to matching prints and such, thought maybe you could help me out?

    LOVE, LOVE the pic of Judah on the ladder (and I'm sure you will find him in funnier/scarier places than that). And Layla is soooo gorgeous in that little cap!!

  8. I LOVE your changing table cover!!! Did you use your own pattern or follow one?

  9. @amy, i thought you meant a functional one!! like he could actually suck up dirt. haha
    @brittney, the link is in the caption under the pic of the bottom of the cover
    @adrienne, just spray paint, not even the special made-for-plastic kind. took a lots of differnt angles b/c of all the crannies, but worked awesome
    @marisa, i will NEVER video chat anyone. i am the ugliest person alive on those things and recoil from the sight of my own face.