hot sundae

once i got started down memory lane, i HAD to go back and fully immerse. it's better than i ever realized.

the six varied leotards (belted, turtle-necked, thongotardical!), the tramp-o-cise workout moves, the camera angles/fade throughs. goodness me, this is an entertainment gold mine of epic proportions.

i found that a great way of making friends in high school was to perform a little bit of this choreography...instant popularity and laughs. especially while wearing my underoos on the outside of my volleyball spandex in the locker room. yes, my social-ladder climbing skills were positively machiavellian.

and or course, like van gogh, hemingway, and spears, this level of artistic brilliance ALWAYS come at a price.

B-buh-B, buh-buh-buh-B, go Bayside!


  1. Love the new design and love Zach Morris!!!

  2. oh man. lol. that scene still makes me a little teary hahahaha. what an amazing, unforgettable masterpiece. thank you for sharing that it is on youtube...i will have to share this classic with jorge later. it rivals mexican television anyday.

  3. Can we call this video the prequel to Showgirls in training by Jessie Spano?? Nice thong.

  4. @gldampizzle: could you read my mind any more?!? I thought the exact thing upon watching it. 10 out of 10 dentists who watched this could have predicted which of these video vixens would become a showgirl.

  5. I used to cross my fingers during the opening credits that it would be this episode (or the Zack Attack one). You best believe I knew every word! Definitely one of my favorite shows - thanks for finding the videos!
    - Jen Crews Davis

  6. There's no hope with dope.