great destinations

i decided to extend the deadline for entires into the awesome custom crocheted hat giveaway until sunday. SO MAKE SURE TO ENTER!!!

i extended it because i wanted to do a real drawing with slips of paper and let judah pick out the winner on camera, and i won't be able to do that until sunday because layla and i are leaving to go out of town in about an hour and will be gone all weekend.

we are going to tennessee.

to stay with a friend.

who happens to have a little blog of her own.

called "finding my feet."

cue my squeals of beiber-fever proportions. dogs 3 counties over can hear me.

if you can't understand why this is so epic to me read here.

...and now that you know how i feel, you are probably wondering what on earth raechel is doing telling me where she lives, much less inviting me inside. i don't know either. i assume a lapse in judgement or an excess of alcohol was involved, but i am not even pausing to let her reconsider.

that's right, my bloggy buddy and often-muse invited me up to her house for a weekend of HSD (hardcore sewing delight). my reaction was like those ladies in oprah's audience when she went all "YOU GET CAR! YOU GET A CAR! YOU GET A CAR!" jumping up and down and scratching my own eyeballs out in hysterical glee and disbelief.

keep it together, keight.

this is the first time i have taken my sewing on the road. i can't wait to show off everything that we make this weekend. and just in case you never hear anything about it again, just go ahead and assume i blew it somehow and that a restraining order is finally involved. jokes. but i am super nervous because it feels like we should really, really get along just from the emails and everything, so all that's left is to blow it by taking this into real life!

like meeting my eHarmony match for the first time.

i am a flutterbomb of nerves and excitement! here we go!!!!

this video accurately portrays how i feel about today. luckily, i'm the only driver so i don't have the dilemma of "which seat can i take?"

me and raechel: we we we so excited. we so excited. we gonna have a ball today


  1. Keight,

    I am so very excited for you, and a little jealous as I love to blog stalk Rachel. Although sometimes I feel a bit incompetent and lazy so I stopped blog stalking for a bit. I hope you have a fabulous weekend and that you two create beautiful stuff. Access to her fabrics alone would be awesome.

  2. Yay, come soon! eHarmony has been good to us, eh?

    Preparing your guest room now!

    Also, I don't think it's possible for you to be any more nervous than me. We can be nervous together. :)

  3. Oh my heavens how jealous am I! I actually started following you from Raechel's. So, don't worry she said she likes you! I wish I had the mad sewing skills like the 2 of you. I bet that you will have a BLAST!

  4. So excited for you! How fun. Have a blast!

  5. It's so cool you're spending the weekend with Raechel and her family! I found your blog from one of her tweets and I absolutely love it. You have a beautiful family and a wonderful story--and your writing keeps me smiling. :D I'll definitely be following!



  6. SO much judgement. So. Much.

    Beyond words. It just didn't stop. I feel so bad for the guest rapper guy who had to smiley ride in his car. Oh man, that was CLASSIC!

    We we we we so excited!

  7. So exciting!!! I hope it's fully wonderful. And that you take lots of pictures.

  8. Keight its weird, but, take a picture of you and raechel and send greetings to Mexico, Im huge fan of your blog, you know., because of you I follow Raechel, so dont forget about my picture, and enjoy your girls weekend... Kisses to Layla, Oliver and little miss Hazel.

  9. Don't cry for him Raechel, he's the evil mastermind behind the whole plot. He raps on every one of their amazingly awful autotune nightmares. He's laughing all the way to the bank. I hope you girls are having fun!

  10. So exciting!!! I love blog stalking her too! Can't wait to see all the fun y'all have!

  11. omg! i can't wait to hear all about it and how it even came to pass!!!