my wombfruit wearing my loomfruit

well, not technically loomfruit. but the superfly wordplay was too good to pass up. but maybe one day i will weave my own textiles.

here is a sampling of what i made with raechel. i am still blah sick so thats why no clever wordy post.
2 looks in one. i got hooked on this pinafore pattern from heidi & finn. totally easy, totally reversible. totally addictive. perfect for letting in lots of breezes and tickles during a scorching hot summer. even better when paired with ruffle bloomers.

another unisex hoodie for judah. also by heidi and finn. made almost entirely during one of raechel's crack naps and from a pair of 3X "just my size" sweatpants from wal-mart (with enough leftover to make oliver one too). used wooden toggles instead of buttons. this was supposed to be a 3T and it fits him perfectly now so i am thinking their sizing is off (raechel's was too small too before you say the fit was my fault). i finally got the sleeves right this time though and am happy to report that they don't cut off blood flow like my first one. but i didn't learn my lesson about coordinating thread so it looks way home-sewn. so close!

layla modelling another pinafore. i actually have matching bloomers for this one, but they weren't quite finished at this point so she looks a little less than ladylike with her diaper showing. you can see the alternate fabric on the flipped up hem of the first pic. i can't wait to put it all together.

parting confession: i used all the etsy earnings in my paypal account and bought a serger. after seeing raechel's, named sergio, in action and actually using it myself, i found it irresistible. and anyway that's what my etsy shop is for, right? funding further sewing adventures! she had promised me that sergio would both thrill and terrify me every time i used him and she was right on. bonus points for winning it $30 cheaper on ebay than on amazon? it arrives today. brace yourselves.


  1. Ugh...we're sick too. Influenza. Can't.wait.for.this.to.be.over. Hope you feel better soon.

    P.S. What's your serger's name?

  2. We have a pinafore top like that that my grandmother made for my aunt that my sister and I wore when we were babies, and now my little girl, Aniela, wears it! I was thinking the other day about getting it out and using it as a pattern, but I checked out heidi & finn--might have to just get that printable one! You have mad skills with finding great etsy shops. That little pocket is so sweet. And I'm jealous of your warm weather--we got snow again today! Hope you feel better soon!