oh, you guys...

all the stress and having to put in mach-12 efforts to make us all presentable and coordinating for another photography session ALWAYS proves worth it. the pictures just get better and better as our family grows in number and size. here are the sneak peeks our photographer, brenna, has posted from our friday session.

on a whim on thursday night i sewed a button to a piece of elastic to make the flowers from layla's crochet hat into interchangeable headband pieces. a stroke of brilliance. i LOVE it. and this picture. oh man. they are locked IN on each other in love. pitocin, 4th degree tear, sleepless nights, pregnancy hemorrhoids. i'd do it all over again for this.

he was given many gummie bunnies to keep giving kisses.

first and last nakie animal skin rug shot, if you dont mind, layla. LOVE it at 4 months old, though

big lady in the bloomers pushing UP!

ok, this a little saucy. he needs to tone it down. it looks like george constanza's posed pictures for the photo-shop girl. man i love this kid

what could make us this happy???

yup, that'll do it!

i have no words. just burn it into my heart.


  1. Calendar pose = my FAVORITE!! He's so freaking adorable :-) And she's just perfect.

  2. Holy cow! The pictures are just beautiful!! Love them!!

  3. Mmmm... my faves are the ones of you and Jesse holding Layla laying down. Presh!

  4. Precious little bebes you've got. :)

  5. These are PHENOMENAL! You all create BEAUTIFUL babies...and you aren't so bad yourselves :) Love you guys!

  6. I love ALL of them!!!! INCREDIBLE!

  7. Awesomeness x4. Love the pictures and the people!