hilarity, thy name is "baby all star"

my mom did a great job of saving a bunch of my brother's and my cutest outfits from when we were kids. she saved the boy ones to give to tripp's son one day and the girl ones for my daughter (cough, cough, dry heave), but since i had a son, i get all the boy ones until tripp ponies up to the marriage/childbirth stage of life (a.k.a. the end of time)

we were a little skeptical about the massively old school baseball outfit she gave us at first, thinking it wouldnt really work anywhere but a baseball game and we werent sure we would be able to "brave" the heat anytime soon. so we put him in it tonight just to make sure we had at least let him wear it once. oh. my. gosh. we could not stop laughing. judah was not as amused

no babies were harmed during the making of this blog post
a tip of the hat to you as well, my good man
not only is he sitting in a chair, but he is also the cutest thing ever. double threat
hahahaha, there is no caption worthy of this picture



i dont have any time write anything, but i HAD to post this adorable picture of judah that we took today in the car. i could just stare at this all day. my jaunty little man!


our hero

today (for some reason this posted at 9:46 pm on 6/20...but really it was just after midnight on 6/21, fathers day, i think my time zone is messed up) is our first ever father's day. i was this close to reciprocating jesse's mother's day gesture of recording myself singing him a song. hmmmm, not so much. besides skin tone, one of the top tangible traits i hoped judah would inherit exclusively from jesse is musical talent.
jesse is in south carolina today on a youth group trip, so he wont get to see me or his son on his first father's day...or so he thinks. we are driving up there to surprise him at noon. i am staying with my parents this weekend and their house is only 100 miles from the camp, so i am hoping to make it a manageable mini-roadtrip for me and the judah-bug.
it has been 27 days since judah came storming into the world and made me and jesse a mommy and a daddy. 967 days before that we made each other a wife and a husband. it was about 3 days into our marriage that i realized the kind of dad god destined jesse to be the day he created him. i dont mean he knows how to interpret cries, change diapers, or swaddle any better than anyone else, but jesse is a natural father in all the ways that really count.
i have considered several times since judah was born how glad i am that the bible never refers to god as "god the mother." i can't imagine the pressure of sharing a name/title with the creator of the universe. of being the primary example our children will refer back to every time they hear god called "the father." jesse and i are both blessed with amazing earthly fathers, so amazing that hearing our god called "father" has made it easier to love, admire, and follow him, but i have known many people who have a very hard time trusting/loving/believing in god the father because of negative associations they have with their biological dads. what pressure...what a name to live up to.
that said, i have 100% confidence that i married the man who is the best possible example for our children of a father's love. an example that will constantly point back to the grace, mercy, passion, and above all, love, that our father in heaven lavishes upon us. i dont expect jesse to never mess up, but i know that judah, and any subsequent kids we have, will have vivid examples of unfailing fatherly love to draw upon from their daily encounters with their dad.
its really cool that god is known as a father to us his children, and jesus is known as a bridegroom to us his bride. the bible didnt make up brand new relationships to convey the love of the lord for us, but instead counted on our earthly relationships to be the best examples. i am awed by the love jesus has for me partly because i know that it is similar and even beyond the incredible love my human husband shows me. i am so freaking lucky to have a tangible example of a bridegroom that almost always points me directly back to the perfect love of christ. in the same way, judah is already receiving this awesome gift in the form of a temporary earthly father who will constantly point him back to the father who knows his every thought, his every dream, his every hair, and who has loved him outside the bounds of time.
happy father's day, jesse. we love you!


time flies! weeks 0 through 3

he's changing so much! little fella is definitely becoming a chunk and getting bigger every day. here is some photographic evidence of how fast judah is growing up...tear!
3 weeks old chillin at home
2 weeks old...dancing on the changing table after his cord fell off!

1 week old...showing off our favorite expression after waking up

0 weeks old...fresh out of the uterus


tiny milestones

we have been slacking on updating the blog lately...but we have a pretty good excuse. the best excuse, actually...life with judah! it has been quite the learning experience and we are pretty tired as expected, but this is by far the best thing that has ever happened to either of us and every second we get to be with our son is worth a whole hour of missed sleep. we are running on adrenaline and love right now and we really are enjoying life!
picture are much easier to put up on facebook than on the blog, so if you want to see more, you should be able to follow this link here
in the meantime, here are some significant and insignificant milestones that we have covered in the first 2 weeks of judahs life!
first doctor's office visit @ 2 days

first shopping trip...target...@ 2days

first manicure @ 2 days

first friends! with madison del angel (4 months) and susannah griffies (3.5 weeks) @ 5 days...sorry i cant get this one to rotate.

first movie at the drive-in, we saw night at the museum battle for the smithsonian with the youth group @ 6 days

first stroll @ 2 days...didnt make it very far...thats our house in the background

first picture of holding his head up @15 days (although he did this on day 1, i swear)

first mommy and daddy date night out without judah @ 14 days (thanks mom-o)

first bath the night the zombie flesh cord fell off @ 12 days

first family restaurant visit@ 12 days..chapultapec with the harper boys...of course
second trip to the golf course (first was the puebla golf tournament @ 4 days), but first time actually playing. with uncle jake and unkie ry-ry @ 11 days
first trip to waffle house with daddy and the boys @ 11 days. judah's head is as big as hashbrowns
first rainstorm @10 days

last day with the cord (we do NOT miss it) @ 11 days


for daddy!

its jesse's first full day back at work, so judah and i thought we would give him a little taste of what happened after he left and what he can look forward to coming home to.

WARNING: this is probably incredibly boring to anyone but us...he doesnt do much, people, but we cant get enough.

this is right when judah was waking up this morning and was very alert with his huge eyes looking all around. we love the little zoolander "blue steel" mouth he makes all the time. i could sit here and watch this all day...if i wasnt watching the real thing already.

enjoy daddy, we miss you!