coming soon...

...a post that attempts to capture the amazingitude that was my HSD weekend. to borrow a favorite phrase of raechel's, "it was everything."

just in case you think the delay is because i am a big fiction-head, here's some proof that at least layla went. i didn't take many pictures as it were, because, hello? when you go over to martha stewart's house, you don't offer to arrange her flowers.

finding my feet + fruit of my womb. hello, alternate universe.

hahaha a 12 month old and a 4 month old. pretty much the same size.

this will require an explanation later.

a few quick facts i learned during my blissful stay (complete exposé from my undercover investigation to follow):

1. raechel is shorter than i expected and somehow even more gorgeous than she appears on her blog.

2. i hadn't really lived until i got behind the wheel of a serger.

3. a run-in with the police is a great way to cement an-hours old friendship

4. oliver is impossibly charming and utterly adorable and i might broker an arranged marriage between him and layla (neither would mind based one what i have seen)

5. hazel is a sassy little nugget of adorability (even though she was a little sick all weekend) who may be part howling-wookie.

6. telling a graphic designer that your website's elements were all designed using microsoft word and screenshots is a good way to get judged.

7. three of my "best of my life" spots have been newly-filled by things i discovered at the myers' house: best french toast (raechel), best mixed drink (ryan), best sandwich (ina/ryan/raechel).

like i said. it was everything. (please note that the tag "BFF's" was used for this post. that's right. i just went there)


  1. killing me with the anticipation. and I'm officially a follower of finding my feet. First ever follower of a blog besides yours.

  2. I gotta say, I'm jealous! I've been following Raechel's blog for over a year, and it's funny how you "get to know" someone so well through their blog. A little over two years ago my husband and I visited a family (in Utah!) I met through blogging and it was totally instant BFFs. Isn't it amazing?! Can't wait to hear more!

  3. yay! fun to see photos! I'd forgotten about the one of Hazel "holding" layla. Can't wait to read more :)