my 20

i have been swamped with etsy and friend orders lately. 2 weddings' worth of bridesmaids gifts have been the big time-consumers (in fact, my poor friends' orders have been neglected because of the etsy orders that all came on the same day).

it's so funny because i pout and get all insecure when no one is buying anything from my etsy, but when things pick up and i hit a spell with a bunch of orders, i get so overwhelmed and stressed. i am trying to find a balance. just being content either way would be great...damn these lady parts that seem to make everything so emotional and extreme.

i have some posts i am really looking forward to writing about: democracy, HSD, cussing, skin, and more, but i am feeling pretty wrung-out lately and everyone in my life seems to be paying for it. so before i make things right with bloglandia, i need to recalibrate things in my heart with my king, and in my home with my family, first and second-most.

ironically, my ever-muse, raechel, just did a lovely guest post on finding balance in a jam-packed life that would be like vitamin D to my winter-paled skin. i just can't seem to open my shades enough to absorb it. and the book i mentioned that i am reading and loving, one thousand gifts, also goes on at length about not stressing your way out of missing jesus and the beauty he gives us in the small minutes of a hectic life.

if i could just get all of this awesome wisdom downloaded into my brain, i could kick some serious butt in the matrix. but alas. it stays surface-deep. so figuring out how best to do that is at the top of my list of things to do. right beneath the other 5 orders...

at least the finished products are eye-candy.

i LOVE when customers pick fabrics i haven;t used before and all different ones. and i love it even more when i get to pick the zipper and ribbon colors.

i love iterations of the same thing in different colors and patterns.


opened wide, and i say AHHHH

i even shelled out $3.89 and made myself 100 professional-looking shipping labels. my vulture-scrawl (even worse than chicken scratch) handwriting did not convey the image i was going for. that black line is not part of the design, i assure you, and the font underneath it looks great, but on the off chance that someone wants to stalk me, i blacked out my address (and whited out my customer's). so if you want to come lurk in my bushes, you'll have to order something first.

off to figure out how to have it all. something tells me the answer is not caffeine pills, "i'm so excited, i'm so excited! i'm so, i'm so...scared." hold me, zach morris.

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  1. Oh, I've had the SAME thoughts concerning my shop- insecurities because i haven't had a sale in a week, and then BAM! 5 sales in 4 days and I'm too crazy busy to do anything else! Glad to know that you 'get' my crazy too. :)

  2. I think that every mother can relate to this! Think about the reason that you started an etsy.... was it a job? or just extra? When it becomes something that is a burden not a blessing, you might want to re-evaluate.
    Love your honesty and openness on your blog!

  3. Good luck!! And thanks for the reminder. I just ordered a headband and 4 flowers!!

  4. OMG your saved by the bell comment SLAYED ME. sad to think that used to be my favorite episode. i can totally replay the whole thing in my head :)

  5. Oh, Jessica Spano. Best. episode. ever. such a tender message. such phenomenal acting. gold star.

    Also, my favorite fabric is the goldish one with the greyish damask. Last picture, far right. Need some.

  6. hey girl. love the stuff you are making...super talented. and i am also reading one thousand gifts and getting tons out of it.

  7. Gorgeous. Love the fabrics. Zack Morris, hold me... Oh I definitely LOLed. "Remember when we stuck out to see ET? We were riding home on our bikes in the dark... We were scared." Tear!

  8. Delicious stuff...and how about throwing 'iterations' in there-NICE!

  9. @ashley. i TOTALLY forgot how zach talked her down with the ET reference. OMG hot sunday, you were the original girl band. 1,2,3 bend, 1,2,3 stretch!