you know how i like to take inspiration from raechel? her ideas, style and projects just ring my bell. well, all of this borrowing from raechel had to have a downside eventually. and i found it. it's germs, people.

i got raechel's virus and i am down for the count. speaking many mysteries in my completely lost voice, making out with kleenex upon kleenex and generally being a miserable lump. the thought of a entertaining a houseguest, cooking or sewing right now makes me want to cry. so now i REALLY appreciate the lengths she went to to make HSD happen. trooper!

she did her post on how the weekend went. find it here.

just before she coughed directly into my mouth


  1. Keight, I am MORTIFIED! I feel absolutely terrible. No amount of hydrangeas and bedside carafes can make up for the terrible host I was, sending you home with the plague! Sleep lots - and please don't hate me!

    I know I warned you, but really, I should have quarantined myself. Learning.

  2. NEVER! get a grip, i would have seriously considered coming (though leaving layla at home) even if you had leprosy. every painful throat swallow is a souvenir memory of you and sergio and officer clark. i hereby strip you of your right to feel bad.