giveaway winner

we went to the trouble of writing out 40 slips of paper with everyone's entries on them, putting them in a [crochet melly] hat, and videotaping judah picking one out and then refusing to announce the winner. unfortunately, the video cannot be shown because i am wearing a skirt today and am evidently the least lady like person ever. rest assured that, much to my mortification, the video exists, though you shan't see it before jesus comes back.

luckily judah wasn't being super cute or i may have been tempted to scorch all of your retinas and post it anyway. but he just darted his hand in, grabbed one and then refused to say the winner's name when i read and whispered it into his ear. so what was i whispering?

the del angel family!!!

congrats! i will let give melanie your email address so she can contact you for your custom hat!

so now that you know you didn't win (ugh, that's the worst. i was so happy that the del angels came out of the hat, but simultaneously so bummed that all the other 39 entries didnt...giveways are hard on my heart, i want everyone to be happy) you can go buck wild in the crochet melly shop with your 20% off coupon code, PUTAPUREDUKES, until the end of march.

confession: i have already placed another order with her using my own code. is that pathetic? well i dont care. i got 3 more flower interchangers for layla's beanie and a butterfly too! soo stinking innovative. and if it's not cold again before she can wear them al l(hello, high of 83 today, BARF!), i 'll just keep them and get a larger button beanie base next fall and they will fit perfectly on that.

if you have an idea for something you like but don't see it, just send melanie a message, she was awesome working with me on a custom hat for judah. happy shopping, campers!

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