our tall drink of breastmilk

pacifier lines on her face. she comes strong with the suck, yall

We are at this moment in the office for layla's 4 month well checkup. she quite literally laughed in reaction to her first shot and cried just one breath's worth after the second one which supposedly "really stings and burns." you braveheart, layla. you braveheart (anyone get the ref?).

check out her plot on (aka OFF) the height chart:

26.75 inches at 4 months and almost 3 weeks

if the dot was ON the top line it would signify that the kid was taller than 99% of their same-aged peers. So she is taller than every single one??? somebody get guinness on the line!

feel free to follow in mommy's volley-footsteps, layla, and put me to shame up in the front row. or, you know, play the harp and do medieval reenactments...whichever floats your boat, lil' one.

thanking modern medicine, mom's milk, and mostly jesus for our wonderfully long little chunk and her health thus far (though we'd thank him either way, i hope).

see you on the court, layla embry! or the jousting pitch. whatevs.


  1. I'm pretty sure she's doing her own blue steel in this pic

  2. wow! and cuteness! i MUST see her soon!!!

  3. I'll come out of hiding to answer the quote. Is it from the office? I do believe Michael said it, but I could be wrong. I've been reading your blog for a few weeks and I love it. I found it through finding my feet, which I also love.

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  4. I forgot to check the email box.

  5. Yes Kristen! It's from when Michael wants to jump off the roof and Darryl tells him he's so brave for just living his life. He tells him, "you braveheart." and michael later says,"i braveheart. I braveheart." love it! 20 points to you!