grab baggery

i haven't had much time to blog anything of any substance lately mainly for 2 reasons: one, because of the creation and attempted sale of all of those keychains. i was really surprised and excited by how many of the one that have sold have been to blog followers! thanks guys. i have used up all of my first batch of supplies and have already ordered more. i am going to start doing almost exclusively custom orders where i will show all my fabrics and all my webbing colors and anyone who wants one can design their own combos.

the second reason is because we are getting ready to go out of town for 4 days: without judah. this is a big deal. we are going on an awesome lake getaway with lena and elliot and some other friends. this is kind of our last hurrah before life with 2 babies strikes. so we are packing many bags for many different people and destinations and trying not to forget a pet or child or spouse in all the kerfuffle.

here are some marginally notable things that have transpired in the dukerton province lately:

judah learns how to operate our [old] camera.

naturally he takes a self portrait immediately. ironically, he probably could play with the new SLR camera since it's already broken anyway. jesse had it on a tripod and we both watched in horror as it slid off and nosedived onto the rug. the lens is now stuck totally zoomed in so we can only take close ups of things. also when you carry it around on the neck strap its like the camera has a perma-boner and it's just awkward looking and embarrassing. we are getting it fixed stat.

what child takes up paci-usage at 15 months?

the kid swore off pacifiers of every brand at about 3 weeks old and has just recently found them to be delightful and amusing. they have always been around the house from when we stocked up for his arrival, but now every night at about 6pm he locates on and pops it in. he never sleeps with them and is offended by the suggestion, but he loves to take some hits from that thing before and during bathtime. its hilarious and random. sometimes i think it's just teething, but he definitely sucks on it a lot too. weird. maybe he's remember the days of the boob? sorry, kid, that ship has sailed for you.

29 weeks and miss layla weighed as much as a squtternut bash (friends, anyone?).

i took this picture and then immediately cooked a butternut squash mac n cheese. hello, autumn. also, the shirt i am wearing in the pic is from target maternity and the little rosy swirls are made from zippers. i thought that was so cool and project-runway-esque.

i passed my glucose test and have gained 22 lbs so far. the think layla will be smaller than judah (7lbs 5 oz) but then again, they thought he'd be 8-9 lbs, so.....yeah. and i have a new pregnancy symptom. i call the affliction "androids" because i hate the real word. so yeah, i didn't have hemorrhoids during pregnancy with judah, which is common, but did give myself one while pushing him out (hope you're not eating). it caused me hardly any pain after birth and went completely away in a few days. well, it's back baby and with a vengeance. pregnancy makes existing ones flare up, as does weight gain and increased blood flow. 3 for 3! it can be pretty miserable. here's hoping no more blossom while delivering layla. sick. sorry.

we took some youth kids to volunteer at a local respite care place for disabled kids and one of the middle schoolers let judah borrow his sweet fedora. very michael jackson, if saying that wasn't inherently creepy and repulsive.

he looks kind of awesome. little model

i remembered all those clothes that i dyed for layla-boo and decided to add some personality to them. i kind of forgot about them for a few months because i wasn't 100% happy with how the dye jobs turned out and stuffed them in a drawer. but now i am in love with these little outfits because you don't notice the dye mishaps as much when there's something cute to look at on the fronts.

the kite is fabric appliqued on to the onesie and the rest is fabric paint

LOVE this little squirty elephant design that i made last night.

i really like to put these little hearts at the top back of the onesies after i make the fronts. maybe i am girlier than i thought. you can see the splotchiness of the color on the pink one here. and i swear its the same color as the front of the shirt pictured above.

and finally, this is my favorite "trick" of judah's. my parents taught him to do this this summer when he would stay with them. it has become his go-to thing and he will do it on request with a 95% success rate. it's incredibly charming and wins over the sternest of audiences with his grand flourish of a follow through.

in this clip, he has a special kind of treat for you apparently.

we're out of here tomorrow morning so no blogging until wednesday. i can't wait to sleep in 4 days in a row and to only have one person's bowel movements to consider. luxury.


  1. oh dear lord, judah blowing kisses is pretty much the cutest! I've been trying to get MG to do it and she hasn't yet! Right now, I'm just enjoying the real kisses! Have fun on your vacation...love the new onesies for Layla! I especially love the hearts!

  2. Sweet baby boy blowing kisses!! Love him. Also, those onsies are amazing.. the elephant is just the cutest!