him & her

judah is starting to show interest in the belly. i don't think he knows what a baby is, so we try not to confuse him by telling him, "there's a baby in there." we figure, once the baby's out, he'll figure out what one is, loud and clear.

but he can identify, "where's the belly?" and really enjoys poking, patting and kissing my belly. also sticking his finger in my belly button. kind of weird. but cute.

layla looking about 3 times bigger than judah

going for the face-planted smooch

weekly belly updates from the past 2 weeks:

30 weeks: cabbage. i kind of hate cabbage in every way and this sucker was almost 4 lbs. which would have cost about $3 and i was not going to do it just for the picture. so i had to abduct this guy temporarily and take him to a deserted aisle to take the picture. except i got so totally busted by a stock boy coming around the corner with my shirt up and camera in hand. i felt like such a perverted deviant with some kind of weird produce-fixation. please understand, random teenage boy!

week 31: she is 3.3 lbs which is as much as 4 navel oranges. weird. you'd think they could find a singular piece of produce to compare to instead of 4 oranges. those were not easy to hold. however, in my belly it actually does feel and look like 4 oranges rolling and gamboling around in there.

check out judah's full extension to reach his little sister's stand-ins. i love it.

i think a lot about how layla's birth is going to change things for judah. i know for sure that in the long run it will be 100% positive and they will be tight for life best buddies. but i worry about his little world being rocked by this new creature in the house at first. and i especially get nervous about his reaction when jesse tries to love on her. the upside of judah being such a daddy's boy is that hopefully i will be able to breastfeed her in peace without upsetting him too much or him coming over and trying to latch onto the other one out of jealousy.

it's such a miracle to me that we were made with these ever-expanding hearts and that i am going to love her as much as judah as soon as i set eyes on her. because it just seems impossible right now that anything could reach judah-status in our hearts. i go back and forth wanting to literally protect her from his toddzilla (toddler godzilla) ways and protect him mentally from her in terms of the shock. hopefully our love as parents and jesus' love for all of us will be more than enough to cover and protect everyone's little hearts and bodies through this transition.

i can't wait to have a whole extra permutation of someone to love and be loved in our little family. everyone gets an extra family member to make a relationship with. she's a lucky girl to get to have such a cool big brother as judah. and we are so fortunate to have her. about 8 weeks to go. holy flippin!


  1. I feel like such a blog-stalker weirdo posting comments when I don't actually know you. But, I loved this entire post and literally was rolling over the part about the stock boy catching you with the cabbage, your shirt up, and camera in hand. BAHAHAHAHA! Love. It.

  2. no shame in that game! i think like 70% of blog readers are usually random strangers who feel like stalkers. glad you appreciated my cabbage mortification.