this little piggy's stye

i get a lot of pleasure out of snarkily answering people who say to us, "judah needs a haircut, are you going to get one soon?" with a snotty little, "nope!" and a mildly brutal staredown daring them to push the issue further. 95% of these times are with my mom and dad. extra pleasure.

i love little boys running around with hippie hairstyles. when he gets old enough to care, we will let judah decide what kind of haircut he wants. i am fully prepared to let him wear pigtails, a mohawk or even the DJ Paulie D (provided i'm not the one to have to work the blow dryer and gel), but odds are that he will just want whatever haircut jesse has (lady hair it is!). so this may be the only time that i can make his hairstyle whatever i want. and why else would you have kids but to mold and shape them into exactly what you want, no?

okay, no.

so judah's hair is yea long right now:

my haircolor? i call it "sugar cookie"

full of hippie goodness and getting mistaken for a girl at 50% of public outings.

up until this point we have only ever taken the scissors to his bangs. this started at around 8 months old when it was getting in his eyes. every few weeks we trim the bangs to keep them from getting all crusty and eye-gooped. well, if you extend this pattern out indefinitely, you will end up with business in the front and party in the back: mulletus maximus. right now we are on the cusp: business casual in the front and informal get together in the back, mulletus minora.

and reason #2 cropped up just last week. because his bangs tickle his eyes (since we have stopped cutting them to prevent further mulletage) he rubs his eyes all the time. he does this anyway as a cue that he is tired, but the hair makes it way worse. and since he is turning into more and more of a grubby stinky little boy who gets into everything, his hands are dirty 95% of the time. well, last week he rubbed them so much and so often that he gave himself a wicked stye. a stye is pretty much like a zit on the inside part of your eyelid. yums! they aren't serious at all and just sort of feel like a bruise every time you blink. and they look pretty rough too, all red and puffy. i used to get these all the time as a kid and then again when i started wearing waterproof mascara in college that i would never actually remove using makeup remover, but instead by just getting into a eye-rubbing and itching frenzy (such frenzies are addictive, it feels so good to rub your eyes sometimes).

see how his left eye is red and puffy?

here's a better look:

so now i am thinking we're going to have to do a real haircut for the sake of judah's optical health. i am okay with it because we just had our last installment of judah's professional baby plan pictures (we didn't get a newborn session since we found our awesome photographer at 3 months), so the hippie-ness is documented for posterity. as far as the haircut, i am leaning towards not a professional one like at "snipitz" or"kidzcutz" or any other horrifically spelled baby barbers, since judah can't STAND being messed with by strangers. he loses his mind completely when the doctor shines the light in his ear and we shall never again speak of aspirating his nasal passages.

so i am thinking that it's going to have to be a sneak attack hair-by-hair ambush by me and jesse. perhaps a bowl will be involved. a camera certainly will. at least for before and afters.

while i love that judah has always had hair, it has always taken away a little of his baby-ness. it's hard to see a little kid walking around in khakis and a polo with the same haircut as tom brady as a baby and not a big boy. some of judah's contemporaries still just have the soft downy baby fuzz. but even if judah had newborn fuzz instead of the bieber, there's no mistaking him for a baby anymore with his toxic-smelling feet, burgeoning vocabulary ("chips, " "judah," and "red cup" are new developments), and new fascination with "adjusting" himself. yup, i wanted boys.


  1. so funny (and sad) that you are about to give Judah his first hair cut and I am just now having to brush molly Grace's hair for the first time since she was born, and they were only born a couple months apart! Could Judah please share some of his gorgeous "sugar cookie" locks with MG?

  2. Just get a ponytail holder that should do the trick. Or a headband.

  3. Have to say I love the long hair--reminds me of Jesse!