i am newly obsessed with making these pillows. putting together fun, colorful combinations of fabrics and making them into crisp square pillow-covers is very gratifying for me. hopefully someone out on the internet will want to buy them (from my etsy shop) because that would be a supply and demand match made in heaven in my opinion. however, if no one does, we can always use more soft things for judah to land on since is new favorite activity is climbing up our furniture and jumping off into space regardless of if anyone or anything is there to catch him or break his fall. i asked for a boy...


  1. I'd love a pillow! so cute!

  2. The pillow looks great! I can sympathize with the boy stuff. Eli thinks he's Buzz Light Year and jumps into the air (from varying heights throughout the day), arms wide spread and yells "to infilabee and beyond" and then lands flat on his stomach. Of course he's trying to say "infinity". ;-)

  3. Dude. Love the patchwork pillow. xoxoxo