ok the tease was these. they're keychains ("fobs" if you're nasty fancy). i made them in my own personal sweatshop. over and over again, 23 times in a row (i gave 2 away). all the ones pictured here are now for sale in my etsy shop.

if you don't see a combo you like, let me know and i will see what i can do.

i have had an adidas one of these on my keys since i turned 16 and it makes finding and snatching your keys out of a dark purse so much easier. the white adidas logo on mine is now brown from use and i was thinking i would make myself a newer cuter one since i had seen these on some blogs and etsy shops. but when i went to look for the hardware i could only find them in bulk. so i figured i would make a whole set and see if any one else wanted one.

here's what one looks like on an average pregnant-sized wrist

too bad the one i was going to pick for myself was also a favorite of lena's, whom i let have a freebie for babysitting judah. i will be repeating this combo again for sure:

this is what my favorite of all the fobs looks like attached to lena's keys

this is what they all look like in a nerdy formation

i hope this goes better than the custom burpcloths. i don't have this many keys.


  1. I guessed right!! SO CUTE!

  2. I ordered THREE! One for me and both of my sisters. I think I might get them monogrammed for them for Christmas.

  3. super cute!! I'm going to get one (still waiting for you to make some sweatshirts like you made Judah because I'd bed all over that). My friend sent Levi a pacifier tether thing- super cute and looks really easy to make... I'd also buy one of those from you.

  4. hey amy, i cant actually make the sweatshirt thing for sale since the pattern is copyrighted. i would have to make it without using the pattern or alter it in some way that it wasnt their intellectual property anymore...one day i might be good enough to pull that off.

  5. thanks greer! i was going to add an option for personalization, but i got so excited making these that i clamped them off before i realized i would need to lay them flat to add appliques or designs. oops. maybe the next batch.

  6. Can you make me an itsy-bitsy one?? Like 3 inches? I don't use it for wristlet action, just cute and little and attached to keys. I used to have a designer leather one that was amazing, but it passed away! I'll pay you $100 for custom mini-fob ;-)

  7. I'm a few days behind on your blog, but just saw these! LOVE them! I have one from Seaside, FL on the set of keys that goes to the Accord (which my hubby now drives since I sold his car). I have been wanting to find another one for the Odyssey keys but haven't seen any that I liked.......until now! Going to run to your Etsy shop-hoping there are some left. You do realize you're totally super mom right???? (My first thought was to write "turning into Martha Stewart" but I"m not sure that's a compliment anymore).

  8. Love them!!! I had no idea that these were called fobs, I am so out of it.