kanye's the only loser here.

ok guys, you'd have to be a lunatic if you don't agree with me that my dad's phone-in entry for the captioning contest was the far and away winner. seriously, it demolished anything that i could ever think up.

yes, it's redonkulously funny on its own, but earns even more points when you realize that my dad is the least tuned-in-to-pop-culture human of anyone alive. his thoughts, meditations and interests are 100% highbrow sophistication, so the fact that he even knew about this slayed me directly out of my chair. he must have been intellectually slumming it the day he found out about the VMA drama from last year.

pop pop and judah doing something they apparently did all summer long: assisted volvo hiking up the back of the vehicle to play with the garage door motor. heartily endorsed by both triple-A and the american academy of pediatrics.

so here's what the final product looks like:

"yo... imma let you finish, but beyonce had one of the best music videos of all time"

so yeah. headmaster vincent quoting kanye wins. HOWEVER, my dad is mortified by the thought of someone crying foul, and thinks it "looks bad" that he won even though it's my blog and i can do whatever i want and it's not like internal affairs is going to investigate me. though i would have picked that caption as the winner if osama bin laden had submitted it (i WISH). PLUS i couldn't get my dad to use a cutesy keyfob if the fate of the entire western world depended on it soooooooo...

i get to pick an actual prize winner. this was hard. i definitely loved all the submissions that made judah an opera star, power-ballad diva, ringmaster, worship leader and of course the ever-inspirational lady gaga (love you, KK). yall definitely captured his entire stance, facial expression and demeanor with these gems.

a veeeeeery close runner up for the prize is miss kara n. with her eric claption (get it? clapton + caption) from the song "layla" which we actually love (acoustic version, please). she made the lyrics fit the picture and our family so perfectly. loved it!

but the ultimate winner by a photo finish (get it? i am on a roll) would have to be someone who went in the direction i thought fit the pic perfectly from the beginning: opera singer. and even though there were 3 or 4 great ones, i have to give it to TIFFANY for her "FIGAROO, IHAVEPOO, YESIDO" caption. rhyming diaper humor with high culture is always a hit in my book.

what really put her over the top besides her hilarious caption was that she actually named our new car perfectly way back when i asked yall for suggestions on that. that was supposed to have been a surprise giveaway for the best one of those, but SURPRISE! i forgot. the kia has been sirius black ever since. and YES it did come with sirus radio, not even XM or their merged lovechild, but specifically SIRIUS.

way to go tiff! congrats on being double clever. you can manage all of my projects any time. let me know which keychain you want!

thanks to everyone who played. i know it's scary putting yourself out there like that.

and speaking of putting yourself out there, there is a new blog feature, incaseyoudidn'tnotice. there are now pages at the top under our header that better break up the content of the blog and offer some basic info to anyone who's just joining us. i will be adding more to these shortly. thanks to joanna for spotting these and already commenting. the cockles of my heart are ever-warmed.


  1. Melissa Fawcett9/17/10, 1:33 PM

    OMG - that is the perfect caption! Nothing gets by Uncle Lee!

  2. did we get a new voting poll instead of a blog post today? bum out. atleast I got to see you in real life so we shall call it even

  3. yeah, you'd think not having to read anything would leave people lots of time to vote on the poll, but not so much. YOU didn't even vote.