which one of these...

...does not belong?

this is my son

i have spent hours studying his face

memorizing every look, expression and feature

so why does this kid look 100% unfamiliar to me:

i don't know if the action shot caught his jowls and eyes in a weird, anti-gravity place or the light made his eyes look all black and shark-like, but this does not look like judah. if i hadn't taken this pic and you showed it to me, i seriously would not think it was my son.

it looks a little like the baby alien from men in black that will smith delivers in the back of the car.

weird, right?


  1. Very funny! It looks like you got him mid-run, with his cheeks up under his eyes instead of hovering around his sweet little lips, like usual.

  2. That's crazy! It totally looks like a different child in Judah's clothing. Crazy.

    Hopefully this is evidence that I don't alaways look like I do in some pictures of myself :-)

  3. You're so right! He looks different! But that post is too funny! He looks sooooo old!!! aghghg...why are they growing up so fast??

  4. Okay, apart from the alien shot, Judah is so handsome! Loving the shirt. :)