mic check

maybe the best spontaneous moment i have ever captured on camera. i have no clue where he learned this. this was the first time he's ever been given a mic. he hasn't seen jesse do this since jesse uses a mic stand on sundays when he leads worship and not a wireless. apparently judah's been sneaking in to some operas or something.

there are too many funny ways to caption this. so how about you do it for me? best one gets a free keychain from my etsy shop?

oh man. this neeeeeeds a great caption. lay them on me, people.

so this will officially be giveaway 85 (we're doing one giveaway for every 5 followers until we hit 100.)

how to enter:

just leave a comment with your caption for this photo... feel free to leave multiple comments if you have multiple ideas, since it's merit-based and not random, it won't give an unfair advantage, so unload all of your witty, punny and ironic right here.

we'll pick the best caption on wednesday night and announce the winner thursday.


  1. Using a mic to make sure Layla hears it all, Judah asks "Are you ready to rrrrrrruuummmbbbbllle?"

  2. grandpa vincent9/13/10, 12:49 PM

    phone-in submission from keight's dad: "yo,yo,yo, i'ma let you finish, but beyonce had one of the greatest music videos of all time"

  3. "Yo Yo Yo, Let's start this shizzy,
    Pump it up, J-Dukes is in da hizzy!!!!"

    ABSOLUTELY adorable! I love the stance!!!

  4. "i ate some bugs, i ate some grass,
    i used my hand, to wipe my tears ...
    -nacho libre "encarnacio"

  5. "no sweat dad, i got worship this week... just have my tracks ready & my orchestra seats set up!" -nate;)

  6. I know you wanna leave me...but I refuse to let you go!

  7. ...and IIIIeeeeIIII will always love you!!

  8. "Ladies & Gentlemen, children of all ages, welcome to the GREATEST blog in the world...come on now, Put Up Your Dukes!"

  9. "Figaro, figaro, figaroooooooooo!"

  10. "Layla, im begging, darling please"....dont be cooler than me.

  11. "da da ah ah ah
    mama o mama
    gaga o la la
    want your bad romance"

    hahaha, well i think it's hilarious.

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