16 months

like i mentioned before, since we didn't find our amazing photographer until just was 2 month old, he never got any professional newborn pictures taken. bum out. at least that's something his sister will have better than him. but we got the baby plan for him which included 5 sessions, so we scheduled a 16 month one to capture our little family right on the cusp of becoming 4, but cherishing the last moments of just our one baby. here are the first 3 "teaser" pics that brenna posted for us on facebook. more to come.

i am loving judah for blocking the extra chin action here.

so cool. he's actually in an old rust clawfoot tub peeking and poking out of the plumbing fixture holes. the one on the right looks like he's posing at a mickey mouse attraction of some sort.

tiny farmhand takes a break. he was so happy during this part of the session because of the popsicle that he tolerated the hat for 2 second increments. love the colors and textures in this one

this whole, about to have two babies thing is terrifying. there is tons of uncertainty in our lives right now as far as money, working, childcare, health care, etc. for the past 6 months, i have been prone to worrying about these issues at least every hour. thankfully, everything is so confusing and chaotic that we literally have no control over it so it has made it a little bit easier to just let god be in charge of everything. i mean, we have no solutions in our little human peabrains, so if we come out on the other side of lalya-boo's infancy alright, it will have had to have been god showing up in some hugely unforeseen way. it's him or nothing. its a scary, completely against my nature, and yet so right.

i waver wildly between worrying about judah and worrying about her. i mean, judah is gonna flip his shit when he sees jesse snuggling a little sister-nugget and he isn't going to have all of his tyrannical-pants little demands met instantaneously by 2 parents all the time anymore, but then again, layla doesn't have clothes or a crib. so at least they will both be scarred equivalently.

yup, that sure is what i look like on a friday night, after work, while grocery shopping. loud and proud, mofos. 32 weeks is a "large jicama" so publix fail here for only having what appears to be jicama of the pygmy variety. so help me if i'm this big just for something that small, we are in trouble.

she's about 4 pounds right now and sweet sassy molassy, she is moving. i was never kept up at night because of judah's swirlies, but if i dare lay on my right side with her, she lets me know all about it until action is taken. yes, your fetal highness.

i am positive that either she is head down or that my vagina has chronic hiccups, and she is facing my right side. all of her punches and kicks happen on that side and is she was gonna explode out of some side of me, it would definitely be that one. and it may actually be if her violence is any indication. she wants out and she wants to be in the passenger seat, it would seem.

6-ish weeks to go until i have a daughter. what planet am i on?


  1. do you and jesse grocery shop together? or did judah take that pick. I'm not totally sure elliot has ever been in a grocery store.

  2. hahaha, yeah it was a weird friday night emergency shopping session. i hadnt been able to go at my normal time on thrusday (alone) and judah needed a change of scenery and to be fed in the coming week, so we made it a family affair. it was hard having jesse all up in my domain. having a husband-led photo session in the produce section with multiple redos is only slightly better than the shady secret self-taking of belly photos.