yup, i am nagging. and i so hate it when bloggers incessantly rant and remind about a giveaway that i have already decided i wasn't interested in (even though i totally get it and understand why and do it myself, cough, cough). but come ON, this is different. i was supposed to end the african necklace giveaway tonight and announce a winner tomorrow, but since there have only been like 5 people to respond, i am gonna give it until monday.

because i care about comments and participation so much? no. not this time. just because i know the prospect of playing bloggy chase by having to click and read a million articles isn't fun or remotely appealing when you're life is already plenty busy, so i am going to give it until monday, in the hopes that the weekend will give some more folks time to read about katie and uganda.

i am double hoping that tons of people have already read about her and prayed and donated and just think my giveaway is too petty for such a great cause and that's why there hasn't been tons of action here. that would be awesome.

but just in case you weren't going to bother because it was too much to do and you didn't have enough time, maybe you could squeeze it in this weekend? maybe on saturday as a birthday present to me? go ahead and return those size 2 jeggings you had planned to give me and just do this instead.

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