what to do with that wordle

2 months before judah was born i found out about the wordle website. its a really cool way to make a custom print out based on any combinations of special words. i made a bunch for judah using the colors of his room. it was so fun to play around with this and i spent like 2 hours on the website that day. here is one of them

i printed a few of these out and put them on his bottom bookshelf that week. i hadn't printed them on anything special, just a regular printer and computer paper, so i didn't have a lot of inspiration as far as featuring them in his room went since the quality was shmeh. they lived there for about 17 months attempting to decompose, collect dust, and survive increasingly violent encounters with the fetus they were created to describe as he grew into a big boy.

then when we did judah's 3 month pictures i accidentally ordered wallet sized prints of some of his black and white "details" photos: baby bum, little feet, etc. i had no idea what to do with a wallet sized pics of baby fat rolls, so i threw those on the same shelf as the wordle and vowed to figure something out later or at least wait a year or two until the sight of such forgotten inspiration infuriated me enough to trash them just to escape the tiny guilt bombs incurred every time i set eyes on them and remembered that i had, yet again, failed to follow through on a project.

around that same time i ended up with a pier one store credit thanks to a regift return. i think that place is a ripoff so i wanted to use it that same day so i never had to go back inside and be depressed about being so poor. so i bought 4 distressed chunky wooden frames that were on clearance. i thought they'd work well spray painted white with the baby detail pictures. i would take them home, paint them and frame and hang the pictures that very night!

...about a year later i did just that. the frames had joined the shelf of washed-up has been projects and i was really sick of stuffing them back on there after judah rampaged his room. they had no purpose besides giving him more clutter fodder. so a few weeks ago, i finally decided to do something with the shelf of broken dreams. turns out these 3 forgotten items had formed quite a rapport during their time together. turns out the pictures were too small to fill up the frame on their own, so i needed something to put behind them. aha! a stay of execution for the 3rd member of the shelf: the wordle, which i was finally going to throw out. i think they are the perfect perfect backing material for these little morsels of the tiny nugget judah used to be.

i put them around judah's name sign (crap! we are going to need to make one for her too at some point) over the changing table. you should be able to click to see the pics up close.

the shortest, easiest project ever that still took me 17 months to complete. and now after a poopy detox session on the changing table judah loves to stand up on and look at the pictures in fond remembrance...and then attempt to swat everything off the wall. toddzilla, i tell you.

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