some of my favorite stuff to make comes from folks asking me if i can make them something custom. taking on projects that i never would have thought of on my own is a really cool process. so when jesse's cousin, erica, wrote me asking me to make a gift for one of her co-workers, i was totally bouty-bout it.

her friend is expecting boy and girl twins in october and she wanted to give him something one (two) of a kind and unique. the babies' names are alli and vincent and she wanted something with and A and a V on them. other than that, she kind of turned me loose. it was intimidating and empowering all at once to have full blown creative license.

i have been kind of realizing that i am more of a seamstress (using the term loosely) than a designer (yes, watching project runway this week with ivy made me think in these terms). this means that i am good at taking other people's ideas, patterns, and tutorials and completing them myself, but don't have much in the tank when it comes to just creating all by myself.

so i was pleasantly surprised when i almost instantly got the idea for these. it was something that i hadn't seen anywhere before (well, i have seen necktie appliques for boy's t-shirts before) and i came up with a plan to execute it start to finish. suck it, ivy! i'm a designer. these little onesies celebrate the fact that yes, these kids are twins, but also that one is a boy and one a girl.

a necktie and necklace pair! i love these because they are totally matching because of the dot-theme, but also completely different in color and design

they say boys are easier...

...and in this case it was definitely true. i made 2 tie-shaped cutouts, one in the dot fabric and one slightly bigger in navy blue. i interfaced them together and then topstitched both layers onto the onesie. then i cut out a "v" in the navy fabric and interfaced and stitched it onto the tie as well. lickety splickety. fairly easy and straightforward.

and then the drama of a little girl.

to make her necklace i had to cutout all those little interfaced circles in pink and again in purple and iron them on the onesie and then hand stitch the pink and purple layers down one by one. i was not confident in my machine sewing ability to navigate 20 tiny circles and risk another unintentional lace-making fiasco.

and then the font i picked for the "v" was the one i had to use for the "a" to keep them matching and, shizz o' dizzle, was that little "a" a massive doosie. the curves, the swoops, that hole! it was nearly the death of me. next time i will use a knit instead of a woven cotton because it wanted to unravel so bad while i was cutting out all those little details. but in the end it was totally worth it because it just looks so fem-chic. definitely going to have to make one for layla boo.

i can't wait for erica to send me a picture of the babes in these. because the only thing cuter than newborn baby onesies is real babies inside of newborn baby onesies.

and just a glimpse of what life might be like if i had twins:


  1. man oh, man, so freakin' adorable! also, i'm a little jeal of Judah's shirt...i definitely looked in three different Targets but the 24 month and 2T's were gone. Precious boy!

  2. Those are so cute!! Love them!

  3. Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU again Keight! I L-O-V-E these onesies and cannot wait to give them to the lucky parents! You are so great...AND I feel super excited to make the blog :)

    You rock girl!