zip it

getting layla zipped up in these pj's is like stuffing a sausage. i die laughing every time i am vacuum sealing her in them. but i refuse to retire them because they aren't technically too small for her length-wise. and because, hello? the chunky little butterbuns looks flipping adorable in them.

8/30/11: being escorted onto the dance floor by her father.

monday morning layla took 4 real steps. i dont even know what to do with that. we havent caught her on camera showing off her burgeoning walking skills yet, but that's okay because i am still in denial. i was in such disbelief at how big and old she is that i went back and looked through all of her hospital pics to make sure that she ever actually was my teeny little baby girl.

big mistake. now i'm a nostalgic mess.

11/14/10: having just been escorted in to the world by my uterus.

sharsh, it goes by so fast! every day she gets harder, faster, farther. my squishy little baby doll who could just lay on me all day is gone. i keep flexing my "remember this" muscles and trying, trying to be present because i will want it back so so badly one day. i know because i already feel that way about my pregnancies. i also know that because it seems like EVERY parent of older children tells me so:"they grow up in a blink," "i would give anything to have them little again," "it's hard, but it's the best time of your life," "ENJOY it. you'll never get these years back." "the days are long, but the years are short."

oh, i believe you, i believe you, people! thus, defying sleep training protocol and having a 10pm playdate and snuggle session; thus pulling the car over when she turns around to smile at me so i can smile back and soak it in like vitamin D; thus baby pj's that barely zip over that belly that i refuse to admit she has grown out of. if only i could ensure she never grows too big for me. where is the zipper for that?


  1. LOVE that sleeper! I could have written this myself... it's so hard to consciously "be present" and soak in these moments. Especially when your angels are screaming, peeing on the couch (and the rug, an armchair, and all the way down the stairs), teething, and taking apart a whole basket of freshly folded laundry. Not like I know what any of that is like. ;)

  2. Already started getting all that advice & he's been here 16 days... Sigh...stay small forever...

  3. Okay, now I'm feeling all sentimental about my babies. Might need to go wake Hazel up for a snuggle.

    Please never retire those jammies. At least not until after this weekend. And please tell Layla to show of her walking skills for me. I can't wait to see.

    Also, I love that picture of you after Lay was born. One of my faves .Just perfect.


  4. Oh she is simply divine!

    I try to soak up all the moments too but I fear that the memories will never do the actual living justice. Being a mom is the best. :)

  5. o m gee. her little baby belly in those PJ's are killing me! cute cute cute. also? i cannot believe you looked THAT beautiful after giving birth. it's not fair. ;)

  6. That picture is kind of ridiculous, both that you look amazing after pushing a human out of you, and that Layla was living inside you earlier that day. She looks huge!

  7. I am actually getting ready to be in this phase again with my 2nd on the way, but I have been very nostalgic about my son. Can't believe he can pee on his own!
    Love the picture of you... sorta like you are marveling at the work of God's hands.

  8. As Mom to a 30 yr old and a 21 year old, I heartily agree...it goes by way to fast! I remember in 1999 (when he graduated) I was saying "seems like he was just born a couple years ago" and now it's "seems like he just graduated a couple years ago!" Oh and "my baby can't possibly be 21..he should be like 10 at the oldest!!" lol But it's all good..I have enjoyed every stage with them. Now they are both getting married (May and Nov. next year) and I will get to enjoy a whole new chapter. Although, I do miss when they were little and I could fix everything for them...and I was the only they needed. sigh'