two for the moms

i recently had business cards made up for my etsy shop. a few customers had mentioned that when they gave my handmade items as gifts at showers, some of the other guests wanted to know where they had found them, and if i had included a few cards, they could easily pass them out. brava, customers. point taken. they should be here any day now.

it feels reeeeeally weird to have a business card. trust me when i say, i am not important enough to be represented in 2x3.5" cardstock. i will most likely NEVER hand one to a person in real life, but just sneak them in my shipments instead. the handing out of business cards is way fancy and i would probably pass out trying to pull off that level of professionalism, or at least accidentally punch someone in the kidneys while attempting it.

but as i was looking at my small tiny business, i realized i have more stuff for babies than grownups. granted, my tagline is, "handmade goodness for you and your babes," but i wanted more for YOU, to balance out all the stuff for the babes.

enter providence.

last night raechel posted her tutorial for a flat iron cover. i had spotted hers when she came to visit last weekend and was mad coveting. i begged for a tutorial and whammo, there it is (quandry: she may have already planned to do that tutorial OR i might just be that influential). so within and hour of seeing it, my little CHI (a 2-year dativersary gift from jesse) had a happy little travel sleeve to snuggle up in and to keep my other packed items from being singed/straightened against their will. and since raechel is dope like that, she always gives folks the go ahead to make and sell items using her tutorials.

so much more pleasing that some of the other flat iron cover tutorials and patterns that are out there and try to make room for the cord. no need!

and then i finally got around to making some cute earrings that i spotted on my friend debra joy's pinterest (really digging the pinning now, you guys. it helps me to think of it as a digital wish book or inspiration.) i think these little fabric covered button earrings are just the cutest. i might be addicted to making them!

i love an iteration

there are about fifty billionty kinds of these earrings available on etsy and raechel herself is making and selling the flat iron covers (this week only), so i dont know if i am actually going to get around to putting these in my shop for sale, but it makes me feel a little more balanced to have a few crafty things for mom in my arsenal. and if i happen to know you in real life, you will probably be getting one or both of these as gifts in the near to distant future. just saying.

update: i talked to raechel, and went ahead and listed the flat iron sleeves in my shop. since she's only doing them for a week and there is enough hair and fabric selection in the world to keep us both plenty busy!


  1. I love covered button earrings (and Debra Joy, so you had me hooked). You picked such fun fabrics!

    I read through Raechel's tutorial yesterday, and thinking about it this morning whilst getting ready. I have a little travel straightener, and it came with its own case, AND, that case has an elastic strap on one side of it to hold the cord in place. The elastic is essentially just tacked to the outside of the fabric (with the raw edges folded in). I thought it was brilliant, and I'm not sure what I would with the cord otherwise. (Though...this is the first heated hair appliance I've used in years, so maybe y'all have figured out a terrific solution for cords since I was in eighth grade...I would appreciate enlightenment.) Elastic aside, yours looks great! The contrasting quilting is a perfect touch.

  2. OK, this is totally going to go on my handmade Xmas to-do list because there *might* be a certain family member who straightens her naturally curly Taylor Swift hair on a reg. basis.

  3. Wow. I'm so glad I pinned that tutorial so I can live vicariously through you right now! I LOVE your fabric choices. I have several pairs of earrings like this and they are by far my everyday faves. I hope you add them to your shop!