pumped up kicks

as we get nearer and nearer to layla walking (ex-skuh-weeze me? seems like she should still be covered in amniotic fluid!) we have to start stocking up her shoe supply. these are appropriately the first to be worn by her as a functioning biped because judah rocked them as first as well. and just like with judah, they are already too small.

in keeping with the post title, here are more descriptive song lyrics as captions. (camera lens going to the shop today. sorry for the blur)

"hands on ya knees, hands on ya knees." i freaking love the cha cha slide.

"i believe i can fly." yes i used to listen to this on full blast in high school and cry tears of inspiration imagining myself one day playing volleyball for world peace. and then R Kelly peed on everyone and i realized that evil dictators dont usually set up women's volleyball matches to determine the fate of the world, as had been my scenario, "and vincent (my maiden name) spikes for the wiiiiinnnn!!!! we are all saved! the nukes will be disarmed!!!!!!"

"stop in the name of love" LOOOOOOOOOOOOVE her. ovaries clenching right now with wanting to hold her.

since judah outgrew his first chucks so fast, i planned ahead for lay and bought 3 other used pairs from ebay while pregnant in the next sizes up. pink, black and kelly green! maybe you spotted them on the shelf here in the nursery reveal? they are so cute that they count as decor.

"hey now, youre an (converse) allstar, get your game on, go, play"

one more song lyric: "you are the wind beneath my wings." ok that was Schmoopy McCheeseballz, but yall made my day so much yesterday. i wasnt actually trying to fish for affirmation (i have before, but not this time), so your unexpected comment love really buoyed me just like webster's balloons. (did anyone get that reference yesterday?)

"it was you and me and then came you!"

i want to distill your hilarious, sweet, and encouraging words and put them in a syringe. better than flipping b12. so here's a hearty thanks you from me to you. i really love our tiny little corner of bloglandia. warm fuzzies all around.

have a great weekend party, people! ("it's friday, friday, gotta get down on friday")


  1. Annabel had these in multiple sizes as well, and they were always my favorite. However, hers were pink, so they're stashed away for potential future Harkness girls. She was also given a red pair pre-birth that I failed to unearth until they were WAY too small, so Pepe will get his own brand new pair. And!!! I found a black almost-new pair at a garage sale last week for 50 cents! Total tuck-and-run deal. I was stoked.

  2. your kids are cooler than me JUST because they have rockin' kicks. converse FTW!
    also, this post is hilarious!! love your style of writing, girl.

  3. LOVE! I totally have a pair of red ones for Mac that fit now, but will reside on his dresser for years!