layla's 6 month pics

i thought these went terribly. judah was in RUH-AIR form that day and even miss easy face was uncharacteristically fussy and tired way before her bedtime. so imagine my surprise when our magician photographer brenna gave us our complete session CD and i found a trove of pixelated gems!

i had just finished layla's nursery and wanted some really good pics of the place. the natural light in that room is medium at best so i needed brenna's skills/umbrella flash/camera/eye to capture the details just right. i am going to go back and post these on the nursery reveal too because they are just so pretty.

i love what brenna does with color most of all, but she won me over even more (as if that was possible)with our white baby in a white bathtub. swoonsville, party of me!

goober in and goober on.

putting the moves on both of us.

hahaha. quite the assortment. love the sunshine in the first one, the sweetness (bought with many gummies) in the second and judah channelling the fonz in the third.

i call this sequence, "you asked for it" alternate title: "if you give a girl a fish..."

jazz hands, stank faces and general smushiness in the big bed.

100% UN-scripted/asked for/expected. like i said, he was in rare form. she looks so indignant as it's happening, and then resigned to her fate, and then finally she makes lemonade and just decides to snack on the mulch. that's my girl. great catch, bren!


  1. oh my goodness, these are AMAZING! i couldn't even tell the kiddos were really not happy; she's a great photog!

  2. oh my goodness...i am dying. i love her even more, if that was even possible. the bath ones are precious, and judah kissing her is adorable, even if totally staged. ADORE the face on her in the drawer. but that cheeseball grin in her crib just completely slays me.

  3. Somehow I totally missed this post! Love those babies and all their hamminess. Great pictures!