i dont shower(?)

i am SO exctied to be hosting a baby shower for one of my best friends, natalie (read about why i love her), tomorrow. natalie knows i SUCK at hostessing, and yet she is still a willing participant. i pretty much make all events that i host stress seminars (aka how TO be stressed out) for me and all of my guests. dont you want to come!?!?! luckily i have her bestie of life/ soulfriend, abby, co-hostessing with me and some awesome other friends helping us out on the food front.

i havent had gotten to host a shower for anyone since i turned crafty and moreso since i discovered pinterest. there are SO many adorable, affordable, and DOable little touches you can add to a party to make it really a memorable experience. (i havent pinned any ideas that we are using so that nat and the guests can be surprised). i may just turn into a hostessing maven after this, because, you guys...so cute and fun. but never in my house. this shower is at another location so that helps a TON. we dont even have a dining table at our house. so no. not there

hopefully by tomorrow after the party, abby and i, the guests, and most importantly, the mommy-to-be will be feeling like this:

complete with delicious food lingering on our faces. (seriously, how much do we love layla, guys?)

have a great weekend!


  1. you know i adore her! she is so stinking cute!! you'll be great in, er...at the shower. no worries! can't wait to hear about it and see all those pics that i am SURE you will take!

  2. woop brasfield! we are going to need a before and after of her in the shirt. so cute.

  3. pinterest rules.
    just saying. am i right?

  4. Um, your baby is freaking cute. Your babies keep reminding me of my babies, probably because my boy is a few months younger than Judah and my girl is a month younger than Layla. I like 'em.
    Also, pinterest is the greatest thing ever for party planning. I, too, have never been the best part planner, but my younger sister is getting married in Nov, and I have to plan her bridal shower. I was losing my mind, and then typed "bridal shower", and voila. My mind came back. Have fun!

  5. I love her!!! Are we going to get to see her fo sho next weekend? I will be so relaxed and kid free and Lay-vailable.

    ps - did you see MADE's blog post today? Thought of you and missed you.

  6. This is a lie. We threw a surprise wedding shower for our PE coach (Coach Carroll) in like 5th or 6th grade or something. You gave him soap on a rope.

  7. @rae, yes! you will definitely see layla! and lena! exclamation!

    @amy, i TOTALLY remember the soap on a rope. what a dumb wedding shower gift. and was that before or after we told him he was incompetant at his job. mixed messages!!

  8. Loving me some Layla...the crinkly smile--so her!