giveaway winners!

"i think i can, i think i can!"

so once again, on a totally blind caption judging, my dad had my favorite. maybe it's not fair because he and i have a genetically similar sense of humor. but his was just perfect. captured the train and the potty and did both so subtly. for the record, the caption i came up with in my head was, "all aboard the potty train! chugga-chugga, chugga-chugga, POO POO!" not so suble on the potty or train references.

obviously my dad will not be winning any etsy giftcards to my shop because i would just make him a bib for free if he ever needs one (and he probably will one day, and i will be the one feeding him).

i tried to get him to pick his favorite, but he refused. he wants all yall to like him, guys, and couldnt be the villain (he is a principal! he should be used to it!). coward. sweet, tender coward.

so i wussed out too and just did 2 randomized winners. eesh. the apple doesnt fall far from the sissy baby tree.

after deleting a few folk's accidental duplicate comments, we were left with 31. so here we go:

Kaci said...

"Tinkle Tinkle Litte Star..."

Ashley said...

Poo pooooooo! (instead of "choo choo")... so mature, right?!

congrats ashley and kaci! email me or send me an etsy convo when you know what you want to use your $15 for!

thanks to everyone who played along. that was stressful! like a high (not really) stakes game of apple to apples.

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  1. Ahhhh... victory! I will be putting you to work soon!!! :) Thanks!