keep until 2027

which picture will be better to show all of her suitors when they come to pick her up many years from now?

she was smiling and yucking it up seconds before this and then all of sudden, junk got serious. literally pooping her pants. it gets major embarrassment points because poop is involved. but then again, everybody poops...

...which is why this next little gem may edge it out. my nice camera wasn't focusing in the low light, so i missed the smiley cute shot i was going for and then, blammo, this magic unfolded before my eyes as it finally focused and took the picture. so thankful for the low light now.

looks like we're gonna making a bid for a mother-daughter dynasty for the "wittiest" superlative rather than "most attractive."


  1. Oh my! That second picture is hilarious! It could truly win a contest somewhere!

  2. hilarity, indeed! definite keepers!

  3. bahahaha, she's gonna love you for posting these pics later in life...NOT! ;)

  4. I am not a good commenter, but I found you through Finding Your Feet and you are HILARIOUS!! Love your perspective on life!

  5. Oh I love her face! Nathan & I totally cracked up at the second one! What a funny girl :)