5 & 5 with phone support

sorry to throw another cellphone pics-only post at you, but i am crazy busy. this time it's busy in the good, "i'm going to win the dundie award for bushiest beaver," kind of way, and not the, "i'm going to tie you all up and put you in the closet if you dont leave me alone" kind of way that i usually operate under.

a post naptime snack/snuggle/george screening. they both toddled over to me and demanded to be on me like two tiny little ron burgundy's

things i love about this pic:

1. judah's adorably genuine smile and the fact that he is loving being in my lap.

2. layla's stoic stank face and lips

3. woody cheesing right along with us cause he's just happy to be there and how i didnt even realize judah had sneaked him in the frame

4. the fact that layla's belly takes up 20% of the screen

5. that you can actually see the shape of our window and the panes reflected in my forehead shine. matte-fying powder, anyone?

keeping it positive and breezy-sweets, here are 5 things i love about this week:

1. the kids are back in daily preschool! 4 hours a day 5 days a week. they LOVE it and get so much playtime and stimulation that they come home and both take 3 hour naps. i heart routine.

toddler chic in his sweatpant cutoffs, h+m tank and teensy backpack. and my big man is so hot in his floral tote. j/k that is just my hairy arm/leg/foot.

um, was that a fall breeze i just felt?!?! yes! temps hitting the 60's at night and only topping out at 89 during the day. i actually checked the weather yesterday and saw the typical smothering hi/low of 93/76. i FORCED myself into a courageous 10 am run (it's usually sickeningly hot here by then) and it felt so breezy and light that i had to recheck the forecast. i then realized my phone was still checking weather at our beach in florida. happy surprise to me.

3. jesse got several new supporters and a really significant new partnership for his ministry just in the nick of time ("weird," huh?). hooray for paying all of our bills!

4. etsy orders continue to roll in, but i am staying on top of them and plan to get some pleasure sewing done this week. another one of these for layla and something for me too!

i better make something fast before my baby goat-lette eats all my fabric!

5. even though i am now TWO months behind on layla's monthly birthday posts, i am FINALLY ahead/NOT behind on our laundry.

about 6 loads. instead of folding/putting it away these past few weeks, we just decided to use it as the set for our own production of les miserables in the living room. culture. but it's gone and now I am master of the house.


  1. Am I correct or did want to say "busiest beaver" not "bushiest" LOL!!
    Cause I'm not sure if that's the Dundee you want!!

  2. yes, i meant to put "bushiest" for that very reason. it actually links to the original joke from "the office." best typo ever.

  3. My bad... you're right. If I remember it right didn't Pam win that one?

  4. All this would have been avoided if I had just gone to you're link! Sorry!!

  5. no shame in that game. of course, pam won "whitest sneakers" in the office that night for her hideous keds. good old phyllis was the bushiest!

  6. your life is so glam. i thought you should know... ;)

  7. My mom has been talking about buying Toy Story toys for the Hamiltot (who has yet to depart from my body). She loves to say that, "Every boy needs a Woody" almost as much as she loves to say, "Every boy needs a Buzz." Wildly out of character for my typically straight laced mama. Anywho, love that Judah has a Woody.

  8. never ever thought I'd hear you quote musical theater