i was at layla's follow up doctor's visit yesterday trying to get her to pee in her little adhesive vag-bag device when she started her trademark screeching. (note: clean bill of health, 2 hours at the office and approximately 3 drops of pee collected). if she is awake and not eating, then most likely, this ear-piercing and heart-warming noise is coming out of her mouth in shrieks of glee. this was a marked difference from our last visit.

i went to grab my phone to document this charming little feature of her infancy and ended up catching a MAJOR milestone as well:

you can definitely tell from my (super-intelligent sounding) voice-over that she has NEVER done this before. last friday i assisted her into this position and snuck my hands away and she managed to stay up 2-3 seconds before booty dropping. since then, she has been vigilant about not letting us take our hands away. if she senses we are trying to make her stand, she immediately drops.

so i was utterly nonplussed when she pulled up on her carseat and then both hands appeared up by her face in the frame as i was filming. staying up on her own for 8 seconds like a legit bull rider was just too much for me. and what are the odds i would just happen to be filming this?!?!

words cannot describe how weird it is to feel like yesterday this tiny, helpless little human was attached to me in every way and today she is standing up like a homosapien in the middle of the floor while i look on from across the room and contribute nothing to this achievement. i am 90% exploding with joy and awe and 10% sad and tempted to push her down and keep her my tiny one forever. total mind job.


  1. Oh my goodness, K8, your voice is the best part!!! Layla, OMG, are you serious... I loved this! She looked surprised at herself too! She's amazing :-) And sooo pretty!

  2. Also... I can't believe she's 8 months old and doing this... I had to go back and look at her age at the bottom of your blog, dang!

  3. Nice!!! Now everyone gets to compare to you're prodigy!! She looks like she's been standing for ages! Love our sentiments...what a catch!

  4. i love how your voice changes... sweet that you captured this moment of her standing and then your emotion. she's a cutie!!

  5. i can feel the love you have for your sweet girl through that vid. :) you guys are both too cute!!

  6. That was AWESOME! Your shocked voice over was ALMOST as good as her skills... and I definitely got tears in my eyes. My boy is right on the brink of doing the same thing... how is this even possible??!! They were JUST BORN!