not so fast...

for the first time in eons, or as those hilarious brits sometimes spell it , aeons, i sat down last night for a bit of pleasure sewing. having finished all my sewing "work," i decided to clean and reorganize my sewing area (formerly known as the dining room table) and do a project for fun!

sick! no wonder i was stressed!

and after:

it's not everything...but it's something. and load better for clean brain space.

so i sat down to make a dress for layla. i luxuriated in all the tabletop space and no-deadline time i now had as i cut all my pattern pieces. i pinned them in place and went to sew the first stitches. then my phone pinged that i had email. i went to my inbox and saw that i had just been hit with 3 etsy orders. hahahaha sweet irony.

sometimes i go months without getting an order, so the fact that we are celebrating being all clear and just as i have a night off running to do my own sewy thing, blammo. i dont begrudge it one bit though, because we need some extra cash flow bigtime right now. i actually got 1.75 of the 3 orders finished in 2 hours thanks to clean space motivation.

but i cant really do an all clear giveaway (at the end of which i will have 2 more projects in the queue!) without being "all clear." so i am going to extend the giveaway until tomorrow night. and just for being a big procrastinating tease (sorry!), you can get more entries if you already entered once. just tweet or FB or blog linking back to the giveaway post and leave a comment there (not here) saying you did. simp.

and since i had to make a few bibs last night for a gift my mom needed, i made a few more to go with it and then turned them into a set. so there is an all new (and affordable) item in the shop today that you will be able to win.


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