sampling the goods

i just love-love all of the things that friends and customers order for gifts and for their babies. and since the giveaway in the previous post (enter now!) will be helping 2 winners get something like these, here is a little blast of some of the orders that helped to bury me recently (i love being buried by cuteness and business, BTW. that is NOT a complaint).

first, a friend from highschool wanted 4 fobs, 8 burpcloths and a boppy cover for their newly expected bundle. they dont know the gender yet, and the only restrictions i got were not to go crazy pink and that greens and blues are favorites.

ok so these probably arent for the baby. but if their babe is anything like mine, the fob WILL get chewed on mercilessly.

LOVED these. makes me want to increase our family's stash! but we already have about 30 of them since they are judahs comfort objects (binkies).

and her boppy cover. this fabric combo was meant to be. they arent even from the same collection or store eve, but they just rocked it out together. chocolate brown, turquoise, buttercup and grass! love this for a boy or girl. and the zipper is even chocolate! secret bonus.

this next boppy is the first--and hopefully last--one that i have ever botched so bad that i had to start over from scratch. i even had to order more fabric. AGH. and i had alreadying painstakingly appliqued the name on and was on the final step when the devastation occurred. it fit in the end and the name was just a little off center, but i just couldnt send it out less than fabulous. so this is take #2:

love her little name! and i really dig the fabrics that my friend/customer picked out.

next up is another personalized boppy from one of jesse's old church friends who i met a few times back when he and i were dating. i have gotten to know her better through facebook recently and it turns out she is like a millionty times cooler than i ever realized before (my fault, probably). i LOVE when that happens. oh, man she makes me laugh and makes me wonder if i am funny at all, because she is so damn hilarious. anyway, she was ordering this as a gift for her sister who is expecting a little boy.

green with leaves and charcoal circles. mod boy.

next up was another baby bundle for a little boy who will be making his grand entrance (exit?) any minute now. in fact, the package is racing to get to illinois and his mama before he escapes the womb! this is for our sweet friend alicia who turned me loose on the fabrics for everything besides wanting an argyle bowtie and reminding me that she is a fairskinned redhead who turns red in the heat (you and me both, babe!) and to not subject her to reds/pinks on the nursing apron. hahaha.

boppy, bib, burpie, suspenders onesie and nursing apron (with chenille inside pocket shown). i picked an emerald-green based fabric for the nursing apron because alicia looks BANGING in jewel tones and i ADORE this chocolate lollipop fabric. and the little brown argyle set could not be cuter for a lil man.

the adorable whales with navy blue circles combo for this boppy might be my new favorite of all time. FLINK! it's so cute and contemporary and clean. i reeeeeeally hope alicia and her little fella love it and get tons of use out of all of these.

so there you have it. this is what i was churning out in between runs these past few weeks and what i have to offer yall in the giveaway. onward!


  1. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!! I love it sooooo much! You're the best!!!! Even MORE excited now!!!

  2. Dude, if I win your danged contest, you are so making me that first Boppy cover. I'm just sayin.

  3. okay so i have put my kid to bed and seriously that was the longest version of goodnight moon ever.... (mostly because i couldn't wait to see the creations and yes i am lucky enough to have a 2 year old that sleeps from 7:30pm to 7am so i really have already put him to bed) and oh my gracious you ROCK!!!!!. I love all of the fobs so much I dont think I am going to give any of them as gifts (my original plan) and even though I dont have 4 sets of keys I will have to come up with something. The burpcloths are wonderful and seriously the boppy cover really might have just become the inspiration for the baby's room!!! I will seriously be checking the mail everyday until they get here!!!!! I am seriously in love!

  4. Every craft, every detail is amazing. You da bomb! I will want it all... someday.

  5. Everything is to DIE FOR!!! Seriously that first boppy... gaaacck!