whose ends you callin' loose?!?!

here's where i give a list of unrelated nonsense items and reward you in between with some buggy cuteness.
1. to his fans on tenterhooks waiting for the rest of jesse's version of the birth story: yes. he is going to finish. this looks like it might be becoming a three-parter rather than just a one-two punch. hang in there though, he ALMOST finished part 2 last night. it would have been sweet if he could have done it right on the heels (placenta?) of the coming out party, but maybe that's too much baby-making for a two-day period.

rather than grabbing the bull by the horns, judah has opted to grab the giraffe by the ass....with his mouth.
2.i am also thinking of enlisting jesse on a more frequent basis to write posts and do other little projects to share with the world. once upon a time this place had meager dreams of being a 50/50 mommy/daddy blog, and i'd like to get back to more of an even balance in the regard. we were thinking of having him do more "manly" type projects and posts, but i don't really buy into the whole gender stereotyping thing where certain activities get more manly/feminine points than others. i'm so liberated like that. let the bra-burning commence..

somewhere out there, two much better looking people than us are wondering why their child is so homely and where their model-baby is. hahaha, we got him...no tradebacks!!!
3. the new poll: yes i changed the tagline. this was what it was going to be when i got the new custom designed layout. since my designer had computer issues and then went radio-silent for awhile, i kind of gave up and just did my own mini-makeover of the blog with new colors, fonts and the new tagline. i always liked the "fighting the good fight" imagery because it matched the whole Put Up Your Dukes boxing/fisticuffs sort of motif. but i am also in love still with "more than surviving" and it seems y'all are too.
best shoes ever. i will continue to buy these, one size at a time off of ebay until he is 14
4. about that custom layout. luckily the creator is back online and has gotten in touch with me so that WILL be coming one day; however, i am really digging the new color theme so i'll think we'll wait to start that one up. sorry, anonymous, i hope these little cosmetic changes can tide you over.

5. a few people have asked me about starting an etsy shop for selling the hand-made stuff that i am crafting...really, y'all? i am just so nerbulous (adj: nervous+nebulous) about that. i mean that is putting my self-esteem OUT THERE in a big way and crossing my fingers that the world gently cradles it against its nurturing bosom rather than chewing it up, digesting it in its acidic gullet froth and then eliminating it along with bits of undigested corn. then again, i am just sitting here with these items that have no use that i have spent my time and money on and we ARE saving for a new house. come on, etsy, mama needs a walk-in pantry! (not really, we get by just fine right now on 2 cabinets).
here we are trying to get judah to clap, but just end up with some random adorability ensuing all over our counter top. as soon as the camera comes out, he's entranced. little derek zoolander. (and jesse is talking to our hated nutjob cat at the end, not me or judah)
6. i am gonna add a link in the sidebar for "hall of fame" posts so that any poor soul who stumbles in here unawares can get a quick taste of the overall feel of what goes down rather than just being at the mercy of whatever drivel happens to be up that particular day. here's your chance to chime in with which ones you liked best. comm-silence means i pick them all and no complaining.
we got him! g-ma comes through!


  1. your mom can get anyone to do anything!! She probably whispered her magic words into his ear, "You clap your hands or I'm gonna nail your tail to the wall with a conduct!". Oh I miss those days...

  2. Just so we're clear I'm not calling my son a retard at the end of the first video for his failure to clap, I was yelling at our mentally challenged cat. I know Nate and Phil tried to purge my vocabulary of that term sophomore year, but I'm having a hard time kicking the habit with non-humans.

  3. With reponse to #5, I need a new travel toiletry bag. I like the jewelry thing you made. I think you can do it. And I'd pay you for it. Go!

  4. jesse--thanks for making that clear. i thought you were calling keight a retard. also keight, you should totally go etsy.

  5. I love all your posts! But I really enjoyed #10 and #9 of the "00s" and then 8-1 never came :( No pressure though, because I thoroughly enjoy all your posts and pictures/videos of that chunk of love, Judah. He is so freaking precious and I think I see some Dukes ears on him :) LOVE it! Thanks so much for sharing!

  6. my hall of fame vote goes to
    never the last

  7. i don't know what etsy means, but i'll buy one of the dogs you made! ok, 2 since my kids now get jealous over every thing the other has.