nursery finale...finally!

UPDATED: i added some professional pictures of the nursery that were taken when we had one of layla's sessions at our house. these new snapshots can be found at the bottom of the post and are all by the wonderful brenna. find her here.

this whole time i had been thinking that i had posted the progress of layla's room up to a pretty recent degree. i thought we were on the same page and the only things you hadn't seen yet were the last few things that i hadn't done yet. then i went back and found my last update, and i realized how bad i left y'all hanging. there was practically nothing finished when last i reported in.

i'm about to make it right. i can't give you back all the hours of sleep you missed while gnashing your teeth waiting for the big reveal (am i overestimating your degree of care?) , but i can give you pictures of her room. her completed room. with responsible linkage for everything we used (anything i left off can probably be found in the previous room update post i linked to above), not that i think you want to copy me or anything, but so you can judge me when you see the prices of all this stuff. don't act like you dont do that. i so do.

it's important that you know that i didn't come up with ANY of this. i completely ripped off inspiration from an ohdeedoh nursery tour. 100% ripped, give that mom all the credit. i have said before, but in case you are an anti-link clicker, and don't want to go read the backstory to the room, i have NO STYLE instincts of my own. if i had thought this room up on my own, we would have ended up with some unholy lisa frank meets glitter factory explosion of puketastic proportions.

but the interweb intervened and here we are. i give you my favorite room in the house:

the view when you enter. minus one toothless little poppinjay cheesing it up like a little jailbird about to be set free.

guess who loves to "pick flowers" now that she can stand up? yeah. any given morning there are 3 or 4 of these little blossoms in bed with our lay-lay

closet and entry door caught in the blossom cyclone that is breezing through the room

triage station

and over to the rocking nook

SO. there are still some little additions i want/need to make, like a pillow for the chair and a few more wall pieces, but i think this is 95% the way it all will stay.

let's hit some details:

ordered 3 pom-poms from pomtastic on etsy. loved fluffing them and adding them here to take up a nice amount of vertical space and add more pops of color. i didnt get the trend at first, but now i am a pom-believer.

the "rise and shine" print i fell hard for when i found it in the keep calm gallery. i tried to make my own version to save money, but kinko's kept jacking up the color and font so i nixed that and bought the real one. i LOVE that it's a cheery morning message, but also a jesus-y call to rise up and shine in the world.

found the hamper at walmart in the perfect shade of boysenberry. this corner will be where i add some stuff. like probably a few more prints on the right wall next to and around the 8x10 one there.

i got this print from twig creative on sale due to an irregularity that the frame covers up. i'm going to be honest when i say i didn't "get" it until it arrived at my house and i looked at it long and hard. it says "love out loud" and the colors were just right, but i couldn't figure out what the weird outlines around the big LOVE were. then i saw it: it's the word LOVE written in white inside the colorful word LOUD. nice. and perfect since layla is both love and loud.

the completed mobile i made. looks like a naughty judah-monkey broke in and batted at the balls since they seem a bit tangled. little truant! still loving the screen prints and their messages to layla from us and from jesus.

THE piece de resistance. did it cost more than most of the furniture in the room? yes. oh, but it's everything, you guys. it really does make the room, i think. and, as you know, i got 40% off through a friend and we had extra money in our baby fund because we got so many hand me downs and didnt have to buy a lot for layla. enough excuses. it's perfect. find it here.

our photographer's sweet assistant was laying on it helping to test the lighting and one of her bobby pins got stuck to the rug. i had a small heart attack and then freed her from it with only the tiniest loop pulled out a bit. thank goodness she didn't hop right up.

the expedit cube. we bought it when we first got married and i painted the front and perimeter with the same martha stewart grey paint that we used on the crib. the interior is still black-brown.

this one was tough to decorate. the open cubes cant really do a lot of practical storage and still look good and pulled together (stacks of onesies aren't quite the look i am going for), so i took my friend raechel's advice and put our more pretty toys in there and then added big books in the back to add height. we might get a few more door/drawer white inserts if we need more practical, out of sight storage.

i love her crib. everything else in the room is so colorful to play off of the charcoal walls, that the calm, neutral crib and bedding just stands out with quiet dignity. an oasis of serenity. hahaha. totally joking. i do not take this stuff that seriously. it just looks freaking cool!

these are the exact fabrics that the inspiration room used for her bumpers and skirt. i made the skirt last weekend after putting it off forever, but my procrastination paid off because the skirt's fabric finally came back in stock after being sold out all the other times i had looked for it. i had already settled on a not-nearly-as-cool other fabric when i saw the original allstar was available again. i only made half of the skirt because you'll never see the sides that are against the wall under the bed. dont judge, you know that junk is dope.

per another great idea by raechel (seriously, nothing is my own idea), i added a mirror over the changing pad for layla to look at while we change her. it's actually 3 rounded-square panels from ikea (4 for $5...judah got the leftover one for his changing table). layla loves it so far. i, however, forgot it was there and took these tour pictures while naturally pants-and-bra-less, hence the image-scrubbing that looks like a little stormcloud on the mirror. you do NOT want that storm to blow over, trust me.

the basket was the holder for an awesome baby welcome gift from our church. it was a pale baby pink that i didnt love but was so useful for wipes, diapers and medicine storage that i had to keep it. so we spray painted it avocado. good baskets are not cheap and are so very useful so i am glad this little gem can stay forever.

ditto on the flower lamp. it's from ikea and was a monochrome baby pink (check it) that was not doing it for me, but i loved the price, shape and utility, so i taped it off and painted the center gold and then the petals a deeper pink. i had painted it blue initially, but didnt like it, so now when you turn on the lamp in the dark you can see that a much darker color is under the pink and it casts a weird dark purple light. but it looks cool with the lights on at least.

another sneak peek our photographer gave us from layla's session. you can see the layout of the little mirrors better here. SO wish i had windexed better so the finger smudges didnt look like i applied foundation with a basting brush. also this picture makes me insane with love.

i am kind of nervous because everyone was so excited and encouraging about our first steps decorating this room. i hope it lived up to the hype. i absolutely adore this room and might need to recreate it wherever we live in the future.

sorry it took 7 months before we were ready to house you perfectly, layla-boo. i hope you'll think you room is/was cool one day when you see these. p.s. please stop pulling things off the wall.

some professional shots of the room and its details:

seriously? i have fallen hard

my favorite corner of the room. and the occupant who deserves such cuteness.

black white and grey crib and walls looking cool in a black and white photo. tasting good too.


the ultimate cat toy. layla has since snatched some of these down and they are just a tangledy mess that i may never get around to fixing. so glad they live on in the pictures.

name art plus her monkey fuzziwisps.

oh like you never made out with yourself in the mirror.

the dresser is huge. but she summitted

peek a boo! haha. the drawers are big too.


  1. i have been waiting for this reveal forever! looks amazing!! you did such a great job. lucky lay-lay. i wish my room were even half as cool. you did an awesome job on her name art. i love the yellow you chose for the frame too. perfect for her room. and she is the most precious thing. necklaces and headbands??? she's killing me. sooooo adorable. oh, and that pic of you and her on your bed is GORGEOUS. such pretty girls!!

  2. First: I saw the blurred mirror and had a guess that might be the case. Congrats on the catch!
    Second: I'm insanely in love with the bumper and skirt. Excellentness.
    Third: I love how the Expedit cube shelf turned out - looks really great! I like the extra dividers and stuff in there. Shoes are cute too.
    Fourth: The whole room looks great! Love the prints you chose. Love the yarn mobile and all the pretty flowers.

    Layla, you better recognize.

  3. i think i'm in love with layla's room. can i move in with her? ;)

  4. Oh, this is great! You've given me some really good ideas, friend. We're going to have to combine KPTB and Baby #4 in one jolly, boy-girl room, and your neutral, dark canvas with bright accents really takes the cake. I lurve the rug. And the use of the bookshelf. Well done, you! (And seriously, copying is the best thing ever. Just being able to successfully recreate an original idea is a talent in and of itself, in my opinion.)

  5. You're so creative! I love it all!

  6. how much paint do you own?? Love the room and the last photo is way too cute

  7. It's gorgeous!!! I want that rug for my house, so very wonderful. And I agree, your flower color is much nicer than the original pale pink :)

  8. You should buy the full bed convertible rails and paint them now so that later you don't have to fret about finding that awesome color...you did a awesome job!

  9. Found your blog through Raechel's--love, love, love this nursery!! Amazing!! Also was on my break at work and was poking around here, and now I'm embarrassed to go back out there because I laughed so much that I cried at your birth story and my eyes are red. It was beautiful and hilarious bc I experienced so many of those things. Also I'm super inspired by you--I also have 2 super close kiddos (about 12 months apart) and a full time job and I always whine to my husband that I don't have time to make our house pretty or make nice things....but I guess if you could do it, I could too :D

  10. @sarah-ann, yes! i'll just rig up some bunk beds in gray!

    @amy, enough to be ashamed. paint it the answer to all the ills of imperfect belongings.

    @mrs. granberry-great idea! i am refusing to believe she'll ever be big enough to fit in a full bed!

    @wardfamilyramblings-hi! yes, the birth story is...vivid. :) 12 months apart!?!?! wow! that is INTENSE! make 17.5 apart look like an eternity. you're my hero!

  11. Also, I should clarify--I laughed only because I had a 27 hour pitocin induction at 35 weeks w my son, with an all natural birth in mind. I crumbled at the 24 hour mark. I laugh because I remember all those exact feelings, and you summed them up so well, and with all the cuss words that I actually said allowed. In front of my mom. It's all good though, cuz I had my second kid in a bathtub.

  12. And yes. 12 months. My secondborn is proof that God has a sense of humor.. And a sense of surprise. And also proof that I'm bad at counting and don't know nearly as much about reproduction as I thought. But she's super cute and squishy so it all worked out.

  13. Beautiful, beautiful. I love it! Totally worth waiting for.
    And, Raechel's idea to use kids' books in the background of the shelves was genius. It looks amazing! And, in case you do decide to get more of those fabric storage cubes in the future, I know I saw a tutorial one time to make your own. You could have fun with coordinating fabrics/colors!

  14. I can not even put together the words to say how much I love this. AMAZING job! And that rug... AHHHHH!!!! See? I don't have words!

  15. And now I'm scouring the rug section on anthro... AHHHH x2!

  16. Great reinterpretation of the other nursery. Yet you've really made it your own. Enjoy!

  17. What a beautiful room! I love the little screen-printed messages on the wall just above the crib. Imagine what a world we'd live in if everyone got those from the get-go. Bravo mama, job well done.

  18. Sorry I am late on the boat, I saw the earlier post where you had the walls painted and the wall flowers purchased but I missed this one.
    Anyways, the real goal of the comment was to make sure you knew (and you probably already do) that if you turn the p in 'puketastic' upside down & and reverse it, it becomes 'duketastic'. Or you could say that puketastic is only a small modification away from being 'duketastic'.

  19. This room is adorable!!!! I pinned your mobile and really want to make one but can't figure it out in my non functioning pregnant brain. How did you attach the string to the yarn ball? Did you wrap yarn around a foam ball or just use all yarn? I love it!!!! Such a cute room.

  20. @telisa i used little pins and wrapped the yarn around styrofoam balls. the pins were to make sure they didnt slip off as i went. you could (and maybe should, since sharp little pins arent exactly baby friendly) dots of hot glue too.

    @mmv that is awesome. turn that puke upsideduke, or something like that.

  21. so, this is probably the cutest nursery ever!!