still risen

yeah so easter is way over. but luckily the consequences of this particular holiday dont expire. so under the same banner, i am getting away with posting these so late.

i have never been so close to breaking down as a parent as i was on easter. if i thought the previous sunday was stressful, easter sunday went to a whole 'nother strasosphere. it all centered around judah crying inconsolably (never happens) for 3 hours straight. i would be holding him while he wailed, "maaaaaa-maaaaa!" it ended with an angelic lady in the nursey informing us that he had an ear infection (mother of the year that i didn't figure it out myself) and making a sprint-trip to rite-aid.

we had to cancel our plans to go to the dukes house to celebrate and stay home instead. we had mcdonalds drive through for lunch (i had to go around 2 times making 2 different orders to get my food and had my perfectly funded and paid-off credit card declined at one point, adding to the fun). but my mother and father in law lovingly brought some of the leftovers from their easter brunch over to our house that evening so we could take part.

literally 60 seconds after i put the ear drops in and gave him advil. he slept for 4 hours straight and woke up a new boy.

being adorable in her easter dress

her new thing is to wrinkle the quilt up all around her

layla's not too sure about the outfit

i was hesitant to put her in this dress because i hate the old school style of baby clothes with monograms and smocking and embroidery. it's just not my style. but this outfit was allowed through on a special waiver because it wasn't too over the top and because it was sentimental

that's right, this was my outfit as a baby. my mom was awesome at keeping things like this preserved for us.

FYI: my legal name is katherine, but my parents always planned for me to go by katie. there were like 5 katies in my kindergarten class so i became kate. briefly tried to become kit after reading witch of blackbird pond in 5th grade--it did not stick. came up with k8 when i was 12 in honor of my beloved volleyball and soccer number. was told i couldnt have a number in my name so i just spelled it out as keight. that spelling stuck forever more. it was even on my wedding invites, so no going back now. i feel like much more of a keight than a kate anyway.

insane that i was inside that dress in 1983. circle of life, baby

the child can rattle off some faces

judah tries his first cadbury egg. thank jesus (and lu-lu who gave him his basket) that it was caramel and not creme because i cant STAND those in my vicinity. he got down on that junk

with 1/2 of his wonderful grandparents putting on a mega cheese.

now when we read the page in judah's word book talks about foods, he likes to "eat" the candy. thinks it's hilarious.

jesse isn't mad here i swear. he is however very good looking.

oh right, we're talking about judah eating the pages:

what a character, "ha HA! i et da candee!"

the child slays me.

p.s. now that everyone is safe i can finally appreciate how hilarious the helmet pics below are. me in my skateboarder helmet with wet hair and fear-dilated pupils was not nearly as cute so no documentation exists. if we ever have to do that while jesse is home, he will be rocking the construction hard hat that i received for my lingerie shower (with a coordinating toolbelt....thanks courtney!) and we will be quite the bunch.


  1. Ah haha! Those last few pictures of Layla are HIL-arious. I have a few articles of clothing that used to be mine and my sister's (and one sweater that was my aunt's!) that were worn by my daughter. It was really fun to dress her up in those and have pictures of her and pictures of me in the same clothes. :) Love the posts! Hope Judah is feeling all better!

  2. Love the cheesy pic...thanks for posting! How did you do the short shots? You continue to amaze me!