revolting beauty

good friday makes me a little uncomfortable. and the saturday afterwards too. i really dont feel like celebrating until the 3rd day, when i picture jesus doing a victory dance outside the empty tomb, fist pumping and talking smack to satan, "you can't have her. she's mine now! i have ransomed her!" he was talking about me! today i am thinking about how much that ransom cost. it's heavy.

these two songs always bring me to my knees when i think about him on the cross, held there by my sin, bearing it willingly for my redemption. halle-freaking-lujah!

i don't dig the dated powerpoint backgrounds in these vids though.

jim lepage is an artist jesse found who is doing a a series of designs based on each book of the bible plus some of its major events. he is amazing. we are going to wait until he finishes the series and buy some of our favorite. they're so much better than the typical jesus art of a hot aryan white guy in jedi robes petting lambs.

this is one he did for the crucifixion of jesus. i am in love with it.

revolting beauty (click the link. the artist is also an awesomely funny/insightful/authentic writer. )

i am pretty jesus music ignorant. what are yall's favorite hymns/songs about the cross?

happy beautiful, terrible, divine, disgusting, amazing Good Friday.


  1. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ECxUupqLNQA&feature=share
    Hoping this thing comes up right.... It is dated since this movie was done in the early 80's but It slays me every time I see it.
    One of my all time favorite songs. I'm with you, my party doesn't start until Sunday. I am rejoicing with you Keight... I am HIS!!!!

  2. Love this post, and am totally with you on Fri, and Sat...hard to call it 'good' since it was only good for me. I love 'Man of Sorrows' and so many choruses that I can't remember the names of...but weep when I sing them. Sat. night there was some tough things going on here, but it was so good to know Sunday's comin'