gimme shelter

We are in the middle of reported tornado touchdowns and wicked thunderstorms right now. Jesse is out of town tonight. I am freaking and trying not to spread it to the kids but trying to be proactive. This would be funny if I was joking:

We are all wearing helmets like massive dorks. Dorks with plans to keep our brains. Lays in the closet sleeping and Judah and I are in the hall beside her.

He is sleeping on a pile of laundry and I am listening to every word on the news in the living room. Prayers would be stellar.

Update: 1am and the worst has passed. Just some thunder storms to sleep through. All is well, we are de-helmeted and in our beds again. Though once the adrenaline left me I had to fill the void with with something else. I chose cheese. Straight off the block.

Prayers to all still in the path of this monster. praising him through these storms.


  1. So scary! Helmets are brilliant. Praying it passes quickly.

  2. OH Keight! I live in MO and we have our fair share of these horrible nights. I have always been terrified of storms and try SOO hard not to pass my freaking onto my son! Helmets are a good idea!

  3. So glad all is ok! You are awesome for braving it without your man! :)

  4. Okay, I know these storms were serious, non-joking business, but KEIGHT! Those helmets!!! I am respectfully laughing my head off with you (not at you!) A brilliant move by a mother who's not afraid to sleep in the hall with a helmet on. You're in for one heck of a mother's day gift!