full exposure

judah has successfully dropped a deuce in the potty now for me, for jesse, and for my parents all on separate occaisions. my parents give him lots of opportunities to use the potty when he is with them but jesse and i in the chaos of our lives aren't as good about it. sometimes its just easier to change 2 diapers than to try to stay ahead of a 22 month old's BM's and urine through the sheer force of repetition and logic. i was the last to witness this momentous occurrence and it happened on monday. it (well, not it) looked like this:

he had JUST woken up from a nap, if you couldn't tell. note that layla is duly impressed.

i am not ashamed to admit that i freaked out so much doing a happy potty celebration when i saw those little nuggets that i scared the...well, not that...out of him. but his startling was quickly forgotten as he enjoyed his bounty of 3 reese's pieces. carrying an exposed turd all through our house to get to the toilet and then washing out the bucket, that was not exciting. kind of dry heave-y in fact.

here are some other golden potty moments

focused. sometimes the lolly is all that keeps him there. but onces he's on, he's giving his all.

he'll thank me for that.


i think i would pay maybe $20 to have a non blurry version of this


  1. Wait... so potty is in the living room? Obviously we haven't reached the potty training stage - is that the norm? Isn't that going to confuse him later when he realizes he can't watch tv while doing his business?

  2. that is an awesome toilet. charlotte loves anything to do with "white-ning". go judah!

  3. love Layla's ginormous smile. you get it girl!

  4. Go Judah! We will be hardcore potty training in the next week, Eeek! My girl has been "going" for like a year but could not care less to have wet underwear (we've had feeble attempts at hardcore potty training... Like once while I was pregnant... Smart). I said I would never do things like give stickers and candy for rewards but I may have to eat my words (again).

  5. seriously. so impressed. luke is nowhere close. in fact, the last time he peed without a diaper on (and right onto my feet and the bathroom rug), he totally freaked out, like some kind of liquid alien had just slithered out of him or something. i'll be sending him to judah's house for lessons next time we are in town. you think i'm kidding.