shades of play

judah recently rediscovered his baby shades when we were moving things around for layla's room. apparently we were wrong and they aren't for babies as an accessory so much as for toddlers as a toy. he has been pairing them with some sweet outfits with awesome results.

baby's first pair of american eagle jeans. he would look so much cooler with the glasses right side up

a little reminiscent of jeff gordon. this kills me.

so i maybe should have seen these coming. last week i was doing something on my phone while judah was playing and i looked up and saw this:

i about DIED. judah had just put them on danger and then left him like that (dont judge our chairs. they were free and we will get them recovered one day when it matters).

so i of course made him take a few more pics with his little sunglasses model and made him recreate the whole process.

judah said, "ha ha! caddy. eyes. gasses"

i'm sorry. this is so low brow, but it just KILLS me. he's asleep under the glasses here. like weekend at bernie's

gladly showing how it's done. danger is a gentleman and a scholar for being so tolerant

but he is not amused

a few days later i hear layla fussing while i was in the kitchen and i walk in to see this little gem:

i allowed it for the sake of the photos. poor second child's eyeballs and all-encompassing comfort aren't as manically guarded as the first's


his aim was so terrible after flawlessly putting them on the cat that i seriously think he was trying to get the ends of the stems IN her eyes. i had to intervene a little bit here

success! tiny terminator

i love how prissy she looks here. that little arm just cries out for a purse dangling from it. and that sassy little mouth!

hahahaha nerd alerts

judah better watch his back. not everyone in the dukes household is 100% under his spell:

she's just mad they don't go with her outfit.

there will be a reckoning...


  1. Hahaha! Danger with sunglasses reminds me of each of my children going through the "put sunglasses on the cat" stage. My old Snoopy cat was always so tolerant, and Danger's poses remind me so much of him! Makes me miss him (died last year). Kristy

  2. Oh my goodness! That is the most laid back, chill cat I have ever seen. Hilarious!!!

  3. Those are some pretty cute pics! We have two orange kitties that have a striking resemblance. I love the sunglasses and AE jeans!

  4. Heeee-larious! You need to send those pics to LOL cats or something. And the AE jeans, oh I am so SO obsessed with their kids line. Like, when I found out they were FINALLY opening a store nearby I gasped audibly and ran to tell my husband at 11:30 pm. LOVE!!!

  5. @ashley. i was thinking the same thing. but i doubted if it was lol cats worthy! you may have given me the confidence i need. also, DITTO on the 77kids. if i cant fit into AE clothes anymore, at least my kids will. DYING for a real store near here!

  6. Love to laugh-you're awesome!

  7. once again they have proven themselves to be soulmates ... luke just discovered his sunglasses a couple weeks ago. he wouldn't take them off one night when we went to dinner. will be putting the pics up soon.
    and i adore danger for allowing such harassment. utterly adorable. and i'm not a cat person.