our sunday best (with an update)

*update...i have had several loving and several hilarious emails/followup comments about me dropping the "i feel so bad i might be pregantic" bomb and then never following up. i thought it was so ridiculous that i didn;t need to follow up. i guess yall think we are totally duggarable up in this fam.

while i guess i am not 100% sure because i never bought a test nor is it my ladytimes yet, i am as certain as i can possibly (aside from abstinence, which is not practicable when you're married to a hottie like jesse) be that i am NOT pregnant. it was mostly hyperbole to indicate just how RETCHed i felt all last week or so, not to jump up excitement for a real pregnancy scare/surprise. sorry. like really sorry if i painted it that way. i would quite probably literally lose consciousness if i got pregnant in the next 12-15 months. so. not. ready.

so i'll just be all up in all you ladies' uterii who are dropping new releases in 2011. perhaps a 2013 vintage will be next for us. again, sorry for the titillation.*

this is how we roll dinner and a movie at our house. We're the classiest.

The poor boy won't ever know how to operate a chair.

For added culture Jesse and Judah are both wearing soccer jerseys with"bimbo" on the front and "corona" on the back.

Did I mention this is the best ever?

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  1. I can't believe NO ONE has commented on this. This is hilarious and will SO be a McLendon picture in a few years :). I feel bad that we don't use our dining room table, but the couch and entertainment is SO much better :).