more from layla's sesh

we got the full CD from layla's second round of photos with our beloved photographer. this included about 30 images we hadn't seen yet. they are eye-meltingly divine. we are in hardcore swoonsville over here.

i made little collages based on theme/subject for your viewing pleasure because i am artsy so i wouldn't have to upload as many pics one by one.

this child. i can feel the love tingling in every pore!

favorite details: her sweet little mouth in the first pic. her hand in her mouth in 2 &3. sucking on that bottom lip in 4&5. singing in 6.

watch out ladies.

favorite details: the popped collar. his eyes. him pointing with his foot like a diva. at first glance it totally seems like he is peeing in the field in the first pic. rest assured, he only pees sitting down or in his diaper at this point in time. but i very much look forward to having him pee in the yard and other more hilarious locales.

fam of 4

favorite details: pic 1-i am trying desperately not to crush brenna's suitcase prop while also concealing my maternity waistband. this stance is the result. layla is not amused by our affections in the second pic. she is stone-cold. love our colors in it.

sweet time with the boo

favorite details: this is layla's love language: face eating. jesse is trying to speak the language back to her. my pic with layla is my most favorite ever with her. it wasn't even on purpose. jesse was off camera trying to get judah to pull his shit together and i was just sucked into her vortex of awe. best believe this is my facebook profile pic.

AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH-mazing. look who learned something from big brother

favorite details: every single thing about these. except how i let her headband get turned around to the front like a fashionable coal-miner.


favorite details: pic 1-judah holding layla's hand and layla's shoe being completely off. LOVE this photo of all 4 of us. pic 2-having a mega-cinderella moment with my little prince. pic 3-i have NO clue what i am doing to achieve my julia-roberts movie poster expression, but i adore jesse and lay. and that the little fabric rosette pin i made 10 minutes before we leftto tie our colors together made an appearance. 4-i realized this perspective is what you'd see if there was a camera in our headboard. well this, and...more. like me eating a cheese block and reading sci-fi. bow chicka wow-wow.


  1. Love, love, love, love, love. Love them all.

  2. Keight, you are so stinkin' pretty! Can I have your hair color? Or at least borrow it for my family photos?

  3. AHHHH-MAZING. Love them. Love your photog. Love how stinkin' cute your kiddos are.

  4. So much gorgeousness and hilarity. The perfect combination!

    *must make rosette pin!!*

  5. I think that these photos totally show what your family is about. Love and laughter!!!

  6. so so so so so so cute! I love Layla patting Judah's head. adorable.

  7. cheese and sci-fi. HAWT.
    LOVE the pics. the fabric rosettes are BRILLIANT!!! totally ties the room together.
    and btw: SOULMATES once again. i have had my mind set on doing C25k too! just as soon as the rain stops!!!!!!!!!!