it's that bad

i have felt so tired and so nauseous and so generally blagh these past few weeks that I am seriously considering taking a pregnancy test. I am 99% positive I am not, but this general malaise is pretty strikingly similar to my first trimesties, so I am just horrifyingly suspicious enough to want to be absolutely certain it's not that.

2011 is the year of the fetus after all, but i do not want to join the other 1,354 of my friends and celebs who are gestating. no thanks, i'll happily have my ladytimes every month and stalk y'alls Facebook belly and newborn pics. And snuggle my slightly older models of progeny.

But sweet sassafras, there is a tiny, "what if?" in the back of my head. NO. i cant even let my mind go there right now. Not. Even. Funny.

Let's just let sleeping babes lie.

Crochet melly headband. Duh.

he sleeps grasping his ikea spatula these days. Little Top Cheflet!


  1. Sorry you're feeling so yuckie :( but... You're killin me smalls! Are you joining the rest of us or not!?

  2. My little boy who turned four today shares the same age with my oldest son for an entire month. It can happen...

  3. Omg. I feel the same way, EVERYONE I know is pregnant. Well maybe not the males, but still. And I my son just turned 5 months old and I definitely took a pregnancy test at least a month ago. I was feeling the same way, generally nauseous and blah. Feel better... or maybe pee on a stick?! ;)

  4. Um, ok, I've been checking back diligently with no update. Spill the beans! Are you still feeling yucky? - Jen Crews Davis