he insists

i did everything i could to make this outfit less ridiculous before we went outside to play. i attempted to add pants, remove the [pajama] shirt, do without shoes, but no, he was ADAMANT about every element, or lack thereof.

i pick my battles. i will not truly fight him on clothes (aka force him into something) unless we are headed somewhere we'd be kicked out of or to a climate that would injure him. he is free to express his budding little sense of style (is that the right word?) however he pleases.

when you can't beat them (and they tell me i can't...zing!), take pictures of them

(not pictured: our poor "caddy" that was perpetually at the other end of his little pursuit--and sometimes the stick)


  1. My son has worn this exact outfit.
    We have been potty training around here so often he goes around with a shirt, underwear or nothing, and shoes... He's comfortable and we have no where to be... I'm cool with it!

  2. I LOVE his fashion style!!! So adorable! You are racking up on the potential rehearsal photos. :-)

  3. Ella went through a similar thing at that age. She would only wear disney princess shirts. At that time, we only had one. I got so sick of the battle that I went and bought 4 others and we rotated them through the week. Luckily, I eventually convinced again of how adorable she looked in girly dresses and such. You are right, it is not usually worth the battle.

  4. Oh my gosh, if you only knew how many times one or more of my children insist on stuff like this! I am right there with you on this one!

  5. This is EXCELLENT! Wait until Layla gets older and picks out her "outfit". I can't tell you how many times we went to the grocery store with Ainsley in a tutu, some random Halloween costume piece and rain boots. ;-)